Our original hydration Vests changed the running world forever. New version 5.0 continues that tradition with lighter designs but more capacity, durable Micro-Rip Stop material, better weight distribution, increased load stability, a bigger size range, and game changing Comfort Cinch™ 2.0 for the most customizable fit system.

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The new women’s 5.0 Vestas product line parallels our 5.0 Vests, uses all the athlete-inspired technology the Signature Series is legendary for, and are shaped specifically to fit female athletes.

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Signature Series Handhelds are a top choice for runners seeking the most minimalistic, lightweight hydration with storage for small items, ergonomic shaping for comfort, and the best materials.

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Our Signature Series running Belts offer comfortable waist storage that, most importantly, won’t bounce. With the new Wrap Fit System, 5.0 Belts are now even lighter, more comfortable, and have the perfect fit.

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