Trash Free Trails

Ultimate Direction is a proud supporter of Trash Free Trails!

Welcome to a Summer of Purposeful Adventures.
This summer Trash Free Trails and Ultimate Direction encourage you to leave a positive trace through this year’s Purposeful Adventures campaign.

Debuted in 2022 as a ‘new way to enrich our summer adventures’, Purposeful Adventures encourages individuals, families and explorers to add small but gratifying additions to summer excursions that have positive impact. From removing trash found on a hike to connecting with a local community campaign, Trash Free Trails believe these small acts are the most effective way to foster more connection with place, people and self.

Purposeful Adventures isn’t about doing something huge and unique; it’s more about finding ways to enrich your summer plans with activities that take minimal time and effort, but have a profoundly positive impact’ writes TFT’s Communications Manager Rachel Coleman. ‘We want our community to not only explore and have fun, but to feel they have affected meaningful change too.

Adventurers can find a host of ideas of how to make their adventures more positive on the Trash Free Trails social media and website. They can also download a unique ‘Bingo Card’ to try several different tactics. The campaign, supported by komoot, has also produced a series of unique trail routes for runners, riders and roamers to try, created by athletes, brands and influencers for users.

Make Your Own Purposeful Adventure with Kamoot!

How UD has made an Imapct

Our team created reusable trash bags out of extra Ultra Jacket Fabric. These are the perfect size to clip to your running belt, hydration vest, or your Fastpack and collect trash on all your adventures and trail runs throughout the year!

We provided these bags to our friends at Trash Free Trails to help keep their trails clean as well!

Earth Day Cleanup

We got our team together and worked with Protect our Rivers to help organize a community cleanup. We picked up almost 1,000lbs of trash from the path, park, and creek at a local community park.

Western States Endurace Run

Ultimate Direction provided the Sweep Team at the Western States Endurance Run with our reusable trash bags to help support them in their efforts to clean up trash that was left behind and collect any trail markers along the way.


Ultimate Direction has several trail cleanups or leave no trace education opportunities and will announce these
projects as they arise!

Take a look at our Sustainability page
to learn more about one of our main pillars - Planet First.