Signature Series 4.0

The Ultimate Combination of Comfort & Performance

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Ultra Vest 4.0

Ultra Vest 4.0

For serious runners that put training and racing in the same order of importance as work and family, the Signature Series Ultra Vest is your ally.

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Adventure Vesta 4.0 Review: Krissy Moehl's Committed Companion

Krissy has been training and racing in the new Signature Series 4.0 Adventure Vesta, often adding a reservoir to the rear compatible pocket and keeping items like her phone in the front "burrito" pocket. She checked in with us after coming off the road with Scott and Jenny Jurek's "North" book tour to tell us what she loves about the new Adventure Vesta 4.0.

Featured Ambassadors

Featured Ambassador - Anton Krupicka

Anton Krupicka

Anton Krupicka is an American ultra-runner and winner of 9 ultra races.

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Featured Ambassador - Amelia Boone

Amelia Boone

Amelia is known for a commanding string of wins and podium finishes in obstacle course races (OCR) and ultramarathons

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