Nate Bender


Nate Bender



Nate grew up adventuring in the mountains of western Montana, but it wasn't until completing his first ultramarathon in college on a bet that he really fell down the endurance rabbit hole. He competes at various ultramarathon distances, though prefers races where the elevation gain or ruggedness slow all the fast runners down so he has a shot at competing! He also enjoys dreaming up multi-day peak linkups that bring in more creativity and personal style than a racing environment allows, and the process of exploring new places through these types of projects.



In Nate's Gear Room

athleteprofilepage-gearroomsmain-northvest.jpgNorth Vest
athleteprofilepage-gearroomssmall-fp15.jpg Fastpack 15
athleteprofilepage-gearroomssmall-ultravest.jpgUltra Vest 4.0