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  • Ultimate Direction Fastpack 15

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Fastpack 15

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"Under-promise and over-deliver" - the Fastpack 15 actually holds over 20 liters.

Specs & Details

  • Large front storage for water, phone, maps, glasses, or food
  • Sliding rail sternum straps
  • Designated no-bounce laptop pocket with cord storage securely inside
  • MonoRip Mesh is very strong, but extremely breathable

Sizing at Chest (Unisex):

  • S/M: 64 cm - 102 cm
  • M/L: 76 cm - 122 cm
  • Measure wearing the clothes you intend to wear
  • A pack full of gear will fit smaller
  • Unisex Sizing - Please confirm your bottom ribs measurement before ordering


  • Secured Volume: 15L / 915 in3
  • Unsecured Volume: 6L / 366 in3
  • Total Volume: 21L / 1281 in3
  • Weight: 17.5 oz / 500g
  • Dimensions: 18.5" x 10.2" x 7.5" / 47 cm x 26 cm x 19 cm


  • MonoRip Mesh: Breathable, non-stretch, and hydrophobic - this lightweight monofilament mesh is ideal for bounce-free load carrying
  • 100D Robic Triple-Ripstop: High-tenacity nylon for strength and durability
  • Power Span Stretch Mesh: High-strength, durable stretch mesh allows you to see inside pocket to view contents
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    1. great fit

      I'm an avid runner and often run to work so I need a pack roomier enough for clothes, lunch and sometimes shoes. This pack was the solution I was looking for. It fit great and roomy enough for the essentials. I love the external mesh pocket which fits a pair of shoes nicely. I also like the external zip feature which allows easy access to gear. I ordered size M and it fits great. Straps are very comfortable and adjustable. Very little bounce. If you need a running pack...look no further! on Mar 8th 2018

    2. Peak bagging, barebones overnighters, and commutes.

      Great little pack. Was torn between this and the fastpack 25. I wanted a pack I could run commute with, but also use for long trail runs and barebones overnighters. I think this pack is great for commuting and long trail runs, and could probably handle a barebones overnighter although I haven't tried yet. I will probably end up getting the 25 for the overnights because it would be very snug in using the 15.


      Lightweight and comfortable
      swallows a lot of gear
      Love the outside stretch pockets and the main compartment zipper
      Phone fits great in the chest pocket
      rides nice with very little bounce if any


      Hot on the back
      buckles are a little finnicky sometimes

      I would definitely recommend this pack to others and frequently do!
      on Feb 8th 2018

    3. Odd ergonomics, less than stellar support when ordering direct....

      I have a couple of the new UD running belts (analog, mono, stereo), as well as the bottles and soft flasks that come with them. I've been very happy with these products, which is why I thought the Fastpack 15 would be a great option for longer runs and commuting to the office.

      The overall concept of the Fastpack 15 is great! I love the roll top design with zipper down the front, the large stretch mesh pockets up front and the design that does not incorporate a waist belt. Once I un-boxed the pack my thoughts quickly changed.

      The overall shape of the pack is a perfect rectangle. There is no rounding or consideration of shape at the corners so the pack doesn't to a good job of sitting flush to the body near the shoulders and in the lower back. Additionally, the padding that is included is also a perfect, flat, rectangle, which causes the pack to sit off the back in some areas. I'm sure over time and use this would have molded to my back, maybe.

      The material on the back is the same rip-stop material used across the entire bag. The padding mentioned above is solid with no consideration for airflow. The two combined, I assumed, would make for a very sweaty back in no time. Competitors packs generally have some kind of mesh material and perforated padding to aid with airflow and moisture, not here though.

      The buckles used across the entire pack are unique to this pack, or UD overall. They only clip in one direction, and it's not overly easy to get them in the right direction, especially when doing it blind.

      As bad as the pack sounds, the overall shopping experience from UD direct was even less amazing. The buyer pays shipping in both directions, assuming you make a return. On a pack this size, it's not cheap, maybe $10-15 shipping to you and $20+ to return. The bigger insult though is that to return it the bag needs it's tags intact. You don't even get a chance to really try the product to see if it would work, you just look at it, try it on and hope for the best.

      I would seriously suggest not ordering from UD direct, but buy from a 3rd party like or REI, their shipping and return policies are much more consumer friendly.

      If you're really bent on buying one of their packs I would highly recommend finding one locally to try before you make the order. If you're open to other brands there are absolutely better options.
      on Dec 17th 2017

    4. Super comfortable, perfect for long day adventures/superlight overnights

      So far I've done two long day run/hikes with it, and I love it. It's super comfy and as long as the weight is balanced front and back it doesn't bounce or move too much. The front zipper fits my phone and a couple waffles, a soft flask in the other pocket, and lots of snacks in the small front pockets.

      It's first trip was the Enchantments as a thru-run, so I had some extra warm clothes and my nice camera. Having the zipper open from the bottom is nice so I can get my camera quickly without unrolling the top. Trekking poles and water filter fit well in the outer pockets.

      My only question to UD on design...why is the zipper not a waterproof/resistant type?
      on Sep 12th 2017

    5. fastpack 15

      I've only had a chance to do one short 20 mile run in the fastpack 15. I added enough weight to simulate an overnight trip along with a 70 oz hydration bladder.
      the pack was comfortable to run with, it felt snug with little to no bounce. So far I only have 1 complaint. the hose for the hydration bladder only has on point to exit the pack which is directly behind the head. the causes the hose to rub on my neck which would have caused chaffing on a much longer run. I tried to route the hose differently but it wasn't right. Last night I had my wife make a hole on the right side of the pack and reinforced it with seaming material. Hopefully that will do the job. otherwise I think this is going to be a great pack.
      I had her do the same to my 20/30 pack which I will be taking on a solo 150 fastpack trip next week.
      on Aug 7th 2017

    6. nice sized pack for a long day in the mountains

      This is really a nice sized pack for an all day adventure; with stretch pockets it's very close to 20 liters

      I had mine loaded with a little over 8 lbs (about 1/2 that in water) and took it out for 20-ish mile run in the mountains. Pack carries very nicely- no bounce or sway and it's very comfortable. The pockets are laid out nicely and easy to access. I was happy to see that my favorite water bottle, a repurposed Vitamin Water bottle) fits perfectly in bottle pouch. My iPhone 6 with a Lifeproof case fits perfectly on the opposite side. The flat compartment behind the phone holder is the perfect place to stash your map.

      I really like the two big mesh pockets, they easily add 5 liters to the overall volume. I like the two way zipper to access the main compartment (you can also access via the roll top). I think this zipper should be a water resistant one however as the main pack material, Robic, is highly water resistant.

      A few cons:
      I don't like the new style buckles, they don't look any lighter than previous ones, but are difficult to close- almost have to be looking at them to get perfectly lined up.
      The shoulder/harness straps need to be lengthened- when the pack is loaded (and a bladder used) I found that I was almost to the very end of the adjustment. This is with a M/L and I'm not overly large (~180 lbs with a 42-ish" chest. Someone larger could bump into problems. I like the double sliding sternum straps, but they could be improved in my opinion with one side being elastic webbing.

      I'm planning on a bare bones overnighter with this pack and will report back with my impressions. While this pack probably wasn't designed with overnighters in mind, I think with the right selection of gear it will do the trick.

      All in all, I very much like this pack!
      on Jul 17th 2017

    7. Perfect pack for that!

      I was searching pack for running between work and home with laptop while listening music from my phone. And now I have found the perfect pack for that! My 15" MBP 2016 fits easily inside the laptop compartment and my iPhone 6 plus into zippered front pocket.

      That zippered pocket could be just a little bit wider. With my Griffin Survivor Core phone cover I can just barely get the zipper closed. And its not the larges phone cover available on market. Right side pocket has more volume so I will propably use that for phone.

      15" laptop in it's own compartment won't bend around your back as the pack itself would when filled with something more bendable. I have ran only one time with the laptop, 8km / flat and had no problems with anything.

      I certainly will use the pack also for adventure / multisport training/competitions.

      I love it!
      on May 31st 2017

    8. Great sized commuter pack

      I've owned 3 of the FastPack 20's and have put them through long training runs, commutes, multiple 170-mile stage races, and the Vol State. So, I am no stranger to UD and their amazing products. I'd been looking for a pack that was a little smaller for commutes and for my next Vol State. and I think that this is the best of their fastpack line for that purpose. I've been training in it for a few weeks and here is my assessment:
      - I love the zipper that allows easy access to all areas without unrolling the top.
      - I love the size and the outside stretch pockets on the back
      - The fit is fantastic, as I've come to expect from UD
      - The material and the build is very durable and will take a beating
      - It will hold a 3 Liter reservoir snugly and without bounce
      Wish List:
      - I would prefer bottle holder pockets on each strap
      - I had to remove the back padding by cutting and resealing the pack, due to chaffing and would like to see this removable as it is in the larger packs
      - Gear loops on the back to run a shock cord through for compression would help.
      That's it. It's a fine pack and aside from self-supported multi-day stage events, this is my go-to pack for commuting and day-long self-supported runs.
      Thanks to UD for the best running packs ever made.
      on May 9th 2017

    9. School, commute, run

      This pack is amazing, with the laptop sleeve I am using it as a school bag, for my commute ride to work and for running. With the front pocket I can have an easy access to all the stuff I normally carry in my pants pockets (phone, keys, wallet) so I no longer need to have pants or long shorts with pockets, from now its all about split shorts!

      Thanks UD for this amazing pack!
      on Apr 16th 2017

    10. The Swiss Army Knife of Packs

      This pack is incredibly versatile & comfortable! I use it for run commuting, biking to the gym & trekking around town. It cradles my MacBook Air 13" securely. Unlike the other Fastbacks, the front zipper allows quick access to the main compartment while the fold-down top expands storage. The convenient front pockets set UD apart from all other brands...I can grab my phone, wallet, keys & energy bar without removing the pack. When biking, the stretch pockets fit the U-lock perfectly and the reflective details let drivers see me. This has become my "go to" pack for everyday use. on Apr 12th 2017

    11. One Fastpack to Rule Them All

      For multi-activity days, this is my go-to pack! Legitimately runnable (it's just a little larger than the PB Adventure vest) the Fastpack 20 is also a great, comfortable pack for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, coffee shop haunting - you name it!

      I absolutely love the back two outside power mesh pockets: good to put additional food and water, clothes, and perfect for a second pair of shoes. Bike commuting to work? Pop your work shoes in these pockets and swap your shoes right after you lock your bike up. The pack can hold additional volume to grab some grub from the store when riding home.

      The orange is a great, bold color. The left cellphone pocket holds my large cellphone with equally monstrous cellphone protector just fine.

      As well as comfortable, this pack is made to LAST, being one of the most bulletproof UD product I've ever had the pleasure of using.
      on Mar 3rd 2017