FKT Grant Application

Ultimate Direction, La Sportiva & GU Energy Labs Present the 2017 FKT Grants!


We are no longer accepting applications. Awards will be announced 4/24!

Grants & Requirements

  • Four (4) Grants to be Awarded: 1 Female, 1 Male, 2 Open.
  • Grant Amount: $1,000, plus free gear (if requested) from participating partners.
  • Conditions: Applicants are not required to use gear from any or all partners.
  • Grants awarded by impartial panel: A panel of industry experts will choose the recipients.
  • Grant awards will be announced on April 24th. The FKT attempt must take place during 2017.
  • Complimentary gear may be requested anytime; gear support is up to each Partner based on the needs of the Grantee.
  • The $1,000 Grant will be awarded at the time of the attempt. Grantees do not have to be successful, but they do have to attempt their project.

Grant Criteria

This FKT Grant will award four proposals that meet the following criteria:

  • Running or hiking must be at least 50% of the time spent - can entail some other sports, but no motorized sports.
  • FKT project may be undertaken anywhere in the world.
  • Must be undertaken by people who are based in North America (we strongly support international efforts, but are unable to properly understand or manage them).
  • You must document your FKT attempt from either GPS and/or third-party tracking.

The Fine Print - Grantees will sign documentation agreeing that:

  • Your name and likeness, if obtained or created by any Award Partner during or in relation to your FKT attempt, may be used by any Partner.
  • You will document your FKT attempt by GPS and/or third-party tracking.
  • You release and indemnity all partners in case you have an accident.