Ultimate direction ambassadors

Ultimate Direction doesn't just sponsor athletes, we partner with them to design the best products for the most inspiring projects and events all over the world. We want our athletes to achieve their personal goals, inspire others, and provide us with important product feedback. We appreciate their energy and soulful approach to life and the sport of running, climbing, cycling and skiing.


Anna FrostColorado

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Anton KrupickaColorado

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Scott JurekColorado

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Kelly WolfColorado

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Jason SchlarbColorado

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Peter BakwinColorado

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Krissy MoehlWashington

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Amelia BooneCalifornia

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Trever TownsendColorado

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Rea KolblColorado

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Ski Mountaineering

Eric CarterBritish Columbia

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Max TaamColorado

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Jesse YoungColorado

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Sanna El Kott HelanderSweden

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Lina El Kott HelanderSweden

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Justin SimoniColorado

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Adam CampbellCanada

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Abigail MitchellColorado

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Andrew HamiltonColorado

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Jared CampbellUtah

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John KellyTennessee

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Gregor StrasserAustria

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Karel SabbeBelgium

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Trail Ambassadors

Ann TrasonCalifornia

Brandon YonkeColorado

Britt Nick DickColorado

Candice BurtWashington

Chantal WarrinerCanada

Crystal SeaverNorth Carolina

Sheralyn TraherUtah

Galen BurrellColorado

Jen SeggerBritish Columbia

Jeremy WolfWashington

Jeremy HumphreyIdaho

Joshua StevensColorado

Kristina PattisonMontana

Emma RocaSpain

Heather AndersonMississippi

Michele YatesColorado

Nick PedatellaColorado

Nikki KimballMontana

Heidi KummWisconsin

Sandi NypaverColorado

Sarah Lavender SmithColorado

Tara WarrenUtah

Thomas ReissCalifornia

Travis MacyColorado

Leor PantilatWashington