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  • Ultimate Direction Jenny Collection: Ultra Vesta

Ultra Vesta

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We made it better.  More fluid capacity, more storage up front, better organization in the rear … and it weighs less!
"Fans of classic running-vest design will love the Ultra Vesta. It's got everything you'd expect a running vest to have...with a clean, intuitive, fuss-free layout that feels familiar right out of box" - Trail Runner Magazine, March 2017
Includes 2 Body Bottle 500s

Specs & Details

  • Available in Indigo
  • Holsters for the Body Bottle 500s
  • Front storage holds phone, fuel, and valuables
  • Sliding rail sternum straps
  • XXX Mesh wicks away moisture and is soft to the touch
  • Open side adjustment straps allow for customized fit
  • A mesh pouch for wet or voluminous gear, with a compression bungee
  • Easily accommodates our 50 oz & 70 oz reservoirs, or any bottle

 Sizing At Chest (Women's):

  • XS/SM: 23 - 36 in. / 58 - 92 cm
  • M/L: 26 - 43 in. / 67 - 108 cm
  • Measure wearing the clothes you intend to wear
  • A vest full of gear will fit smaller
  • Volume Capacity: 439 in/ 7.2L
  • Weight: 8.6 oz. (11.06 oz. with bottles) / 246 g (316 g with bottles)
  • Dimensions (XS/SM): 7.9 x 9.4 x 5.7 in. / 20 x 24 x 14.5 cm
  • Dimensions (M/L): 11.8 x 9.4 x 5.7 in / 30 x 24 x 14.5 cm


  • Airwall Mesh
  • 70D Nylon Ripstop
  • 240g Darlington Power Mesh


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    1. best women's hydration vest for ultramarathons & long mountain run/hikes

      This version of the Jenny Collection Ultra Vesta is a big improvement over the first-generation one. Even though I loved the original version and used it for two years, I'm grateful for these updates, which include: bigger pockets to hold soft Body Bottle 17-oz flasks (instead of 10-oz hard bottles); bigger pockets in front, including one big enough for an iPhone6; better pocket design in back, including outer mesh pocket good for stuffing in bulky, wet clothing; easier access to get the optional hydration reservoir in back in and out; great fit all over! Having soft Body Bottles (which collapse on themselves, creating more pocket space and eliminating sloshing noise) is much preferable to me than carrying handheld or having only a reservoir in back (which you can't see and hence don't know how much liquid is left). For longer self-supported outings, I use an optional 70oz reservoir in back to supplement the bottles up front; but for races with aid stations, the two bottles alone are adequate for hydration. I highly recommend this vest for women trail runners and hikers. It's perfect for racing ultras. on Jun 8th 2016

    2. Comfortable, Practical, Well desgined

      This vest is awesome. Many pockets for fuel and medical necessity storage. Holds a 70 OZ bladder nicely. When full weight is well distributed on shoulders. I've never had a sore back or shoulders from carrying my pack. Way more comfortable than running with a belt. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to spend 2 or more hours in the trails self supported :) on May 13th 2016

    3. Canadian customer

      I really enjoy the running vest. My only complaint is the extra 70.00 dollar customs and duty charges that the Fed ex delivery service charged me, was not expecting this added charge. on Apr 29th 2016

    4. A great hydration pack . . . but beware the user error potential

      I bought this pack because Sarah Lavendar Smith ( highly recommended it. She is awesome, so I bought one for myself. Maybe now I'll be awesome too?

      After running fine with a Nathan women's pack for years and years, I was ready for something that didn't feel so tight around the armholes. And the thought of not having to do anything but tip my head to drink out of the front-mounted soft squeeze bottles sounded fabulously easy.

      So . . . I "broke in" my new Ultra Vesta last weekend at at 55K trail race . . . it worked really well! I only used the two 17 oz front bottles (which I was pleased to find out came with the pack and did not need to be bought extra) and filled them at each aid station. Easy to do . . . they have nice wide openings. (But I was bummed that my current 70 oz. Platypus bladder was too long to fit in the back pocket.)

      Drinking out of the soft water bottles on the move was a weird feeling . . . if you squeeze them, the water intake is much faster, but it feels like milking a cow. And that cow is me. Other than that, there was one major problem at the end of the race

      Let me set the scene: my first ultra, the end of a long day, moving slowly (barefoot) through the sand and rocks and stickers of beautiful Monument Valley, only a few miles left . . . I take the pack off to get my wind shell, as it is getting towards sunset and chilly.

      With my previous Nathan pack, there was such a thing as a definite "top" and "bottom."

      Not so much with the Ultra Vesta . . . so in my tired grandma state of mind I PUT THE PACK ON UPSIDE DOWN after retrieving my jacket.

      Foggy-headed and grumpy, I remember thinking, "How did the front adjustment straps get so out of whack? This thing hardly fits any more across my chest!"

      But I re-adjusted the straps (which have tiny buckles that are lightweight, but sometimes hard to snap into place) and kept trudging along toward the finish line.

      When I finally tilted my head to take a drink about a half hour later, I discovered that the bottle end was nowhere to be found.

      I was wearing the pack upside down.

      What a knucklehead :)

      Oh well . . . the good news is I was able to turn the pack rightsideup and finish my first ultra feeling fabulously well-hydrated. At age 56! Woo hoo!

      The "down side" (literally . . . and I hate to use that word without good cause) was that while I was trotting along oblivious to the topsy-turvy state of my hydration pack, one of the soft water bottles fell out. Lost and gone in the Arizona desert. Sigh.

      I am writing this review because I came back to the UD website to purchase a replacement water bottle, only to find out they don't offer free shipping on orders under $25. And the bottle is just under $25.

      If any of you UD folks are reading, and feeling merciful today, let me know if I can have free shipping because I'm old and sometimes buckle my hydration pack on upside down.

      Final review points:

      The good:
      -- super comfortable! (I'm 5'7" and about 125 pounds and the medium size fit great)
      -- lots of room for water, camera, food, foil emergency blanket/first aid (see above comments about being old)
      -- really easy to drink out of
      -- two 17 oz soft water bottles are included

      The bad:
      -- it is possible to put this on upside down. So don't.

      The ugly:
      -- thinking about how ridiculous I looked running along with my hydration pack on . . . upside down. Oh well :)

      on Mar 24th 2016

    5. Awesome vest for the long haul

      After wearing a Nathan vest for years, I discovered the Ultra Vest from the Jenny collection. I love the body bottles on the front as it allows me to carry water and my electrolyte instead of one or the other. I also love all of the pockets to stash stuff in and I don't feel like I have to leave anything out. I also love how it sits evenly on your back and does not move around. Very stable and doesn't bounce. I am so glad I found this pack! on Mar 21st 2016

    6. PERFECT PACK for we women!

      I hadn't been able to find a pack that was comfortable on my, well, middle aged body, but this one is a champ! I know 10 mile trail run doesn't sound like much but at my age, the last thing I want is to be out there at 7 miles and run out of water in the Cali desert. Perfect water bottle position, and the adjustability is great. Finally - a real pack for real women. on Feb 29th 2016

    7. Love this pack

      I absolutely love this pack. The fit is incredible and it is very comfortable. I can completely forget I even have it on. I am five feet tall with a slendor build and got the XS/S size. Lots of storage with very little bulk. on Feb 19th 2016

    8. No chaffing! Great fitting pack!

      I ran 20 miles with this pack today to break it in. Normally any run more than 8 miles would make my old pack chafe me. Proud to report that I took a shower post-run without screaming (aka NO chaffing!)
      The pack fit perfectly after I adjusted the straps correctly. And, unlike my old pack, the straps stayed put. (Over the course of a run my old pack would gradually loosen.)
      Absolutely LOVED the position of the bottles and the fact that they are Body Bottles. I never had to take my bottles out of the pockets to drink. I just pushed the bottle a little closer to my face, tilted my head down and drank. No other bottle would allow you to do that, but because of the Body Bottle's design, you don't have to tilt it to drink.
      on Feb 14th 2016

    9. Great Water backpack

      This pack is great! It's lightweight, comfortable. More importantly it doesn't bounce or restrict breathing, I don't know that I would wear it for cycling, but it's perfect for running! on Feb 10th 2016