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  • Ultimate Direction Signature Series 3.0: PB Adventure Vest

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PB Adventure Vest 3.0

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The Peter Bakwin Adventure Vest 3.0 is the culmination of the Signature Series®.  It can carry 1 1/2 gallons of water up mountains, across deserts, or wherever your adventures take you.  Version 3.0 has greater capacity while still weighing less than the previous version.

NOTE: 3.0 vests fit differently than the previous versions; please check the Sizing Chart below.

Specs & Details

  • Sliding rail sternum straps
  • Bottle holster tightens to carry phone or camera
  • iPhone compatible pockets
  • Unique, on-the-go trekking pole holders
  • Double ice axe loops
  • Soft and flexible 150g mono-mesh
  • Two mesh pouches for wet or voluminous gear
  • Secure lateral pockets
Sizing at bottom ribs (Unisex): 
  • SM: 24 - 33 in. / 61 - 84 cm
  • MD: 31 - 40 in. / 79 - 102 cm
  • LG: 36 - 46 in. / 91 - 117 cm
  • Measure wearing the clothes you intend to wear
  • Unisex Sizing - Please confirm your bottom ribs measurement before ordering
  • Volume Capacity: 977 in/ 16L
  • Weight: 13.2 oz. (14.43 oz. with bottle) / 377 g (412 g with bottle)
  • Height: 17.3 in. / 44 cm
  • Width: 9.4 in. / 24 cm
  • Depth: 9.1in. / 23 cm



  • 150g Knit Mono Mesh: New 150gsm harness conforms to your body for absolute comfort and superior load carrying
  • 180g Darlington Power Mesh: Lightweight strength with differential stretch in the x and y axis for enhanced load management
  • SilNylon/66: Silicone-Impregnated 30D nylon with a polyurethane face creates a permanently waterproof fabric, and substantially increases seam and tear strength
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    1. Excellent Big Outing Pack

      Took this pack on a 22 mile trail run in the Grand Canyon. Worked out extremely well. Carried 2 liters of water and had room for a thick running jacket when I got too warm. Also car keys, energy bars and my headlamp all fit perfectly. Position of the pack on my back resulted in no back pain after 5000 ft of climbing. on Dec 26th 2017

    2. From a High School Student,

      I am just entering into the sport of ultra running, I've been running 50ks for about a year now, my last pack was a Camelbak, which i had plenty of problems with. This vest is much nicer, but i wish that the sternum straps had a tie down for the fly away straps. for now ive resulted in sticking the excess straps in the mesh side pockets, and any other pocket that isn't being used and is close enough to the straps.
      Also, i got a 50 oz reservoir, although that has held its promise, the hose is a little too long. I have some spare camelbak tubes that i am planning to cut and try to use. but this is just another thing i found wrong with the vest.
      on Nov 13th 2017

    3. So far so good.

      I got this pack to be my all around running pack and I think it is going to do a great job. So far it has worked well for me for runs up to 20 miles. There is an amazing amount of creative storage for easy access to things while you are on the move.

      I am not used to so much access and pockets in the front so it does make me a bit warmer while running but it is a trade off that is worth it.

      I've only been using it for a few weeks. The real test will be when summer rolls around again and I stuff it full of things and bounce around in it.
      on Nov 5th 2017

    4. So far so good

      I've used it for a few runs. I've never run with a vest before, but I really like how balanced it is and the amount of storage space. 2 liters of water aren't as noticeable as I would have thought, and I've passed a few people with camelbaks and I see how much theirs slosh around compared to mine - so I'm liking it.

      on Aug 29th 2017

    5. Pretty Sweet

      This vest is great for mountain running/long days of scrambling and stuff. There are ways to attach trekking poles on the back and the front, the front is nice if you need to stow one folded up for a downclimb or a gully where you will need it again soon. The loops on the back hold an axe tightly, and all the extra hooks for the bungee make for quick/secure stashing of haphazardly folded up stuff. The white material is fairly water resistant, if you get caught in some precip it will keep your ipod from dying too quickly. Lots of accessibility on the front for food, one soft bottle pocket is enough, the other zippered pocket is awesome for a camera (my sony a6000 fits perfectly). Be sure to use the bottle keeper on the front or it may pop out when it gets empty enough. I'm not a racer so I guess I don't really understand the purpose of a second soft bottle on the front, it fills up really fast from a camelbak hose or a stream. The most important part; it carries reeeeaaaal nice, loaded up or emptied out. on Jul 24th 2017

    6. Super comfortable, tons of convenient pockets

      This is my first vest, but I've never been so happy hiking and trail running. It took some trial and error but I found a spot for my GoPro, phone, meat sticks, and other trail extras, and it holds my 2L water bladder perfectly. I used the sizing guide and ordered a Small and it fits perfectly. The best part is even running downhill, there is zero bouncing or moving around on my back or shoulders! I'm in love. on Jun 14th 2017

    7. Lots of storage space but the bottle pocket is uncomfortable for women

      I already have the PB Adventure Vest 2.0, but wanted another one with more capacity for longer ultras and fastpacking.

      - Very lightweight.
      - Plenty of pockets that are mostly of good size, for various items that I want to have easy access to: mobile phone, gps, camera, energy gels, chocolate bars... I really like the fact that the pockets are not too tiny! So that I can decide myself what to use them for.
      - The back compartment is also very spacious, and there is also the mesh pocket for wet items etc.

      - When I bought the vest 2.0, I was not sure how well it would fit on female runners. I was very happy to find out that the design was so good that even with the large water bottles in front it would not rub my breasts. But for the v 3.0 the design is much worse in that respect :( The water bottle bounces on my breast, and this is not tolerable on long runs :( I moved the water bottle to the mesh pocket in low-left, but that pocket has no compression straps and is too shallow to properly hold the soft bottle that came with the vest! (It falls out too easily.) With half-filled bottle it works ok, but that really is a pain :(
      - Sizing instructions are not quite correct. I very carefully measured the rib-measurement with my t-shirt on, got 82 cm and ordered size M (I also want to use the vest for winter running). Now the straps are at the minimum length, and I would still like to tighten it a bit, but can't :(
      on May 26th 2017

    8. Incredible max capacity pack for ultrarunners

      I have used the PB version 1(v1) for several years, but it is starting to rip in the back compartment, so I investigated the current vests on the market and settled on the PB v3, even though I was reluctant to give up the 2-front-bottle design. I have run 5 training marathons on mountain trails/roads with the v3 so far. Overall, this is an incredible pack, with a few caveats.

      My lower rib size is 38, which is in the overlap range between men’s medium and large. I bought the large, but possibly should have gone with the medium. I use about 1/3 of the total length of the side straps. When I start with 100 oz in the back bladder compartment, I use about ½ of the length of the front sternum straps. By the time the back bladder is empty, I end up completely tightening the front straps.

      Top zipper pockets. Like the v1 design, these pockets are incredibly useful. Each pocket can fit 2 cliff bars, or 3 hammer bars, or a 4oz Nalgene bottle, or 3 packs of drink mix , or a pair of liner gloves, or a headband, or a buff… Note that if you put a rigid Nalgene bottle in the pocket over the bottle holster, inserting or removing a 20 oz bottle is difficult.

      Bottle holster and pouches. Don’t bother with soft, body bottles here. They are too difficult to use on a run. A 20 oz bottle will fit, but the new 600 ml bottle will not. The pouch underneath has significant storage capacity, but I prefer the v1 design with the side pouches. Each v1 side pouch could fit a 6 serving gel flask, or a pair of sunglasses, or a baggie of electrolytes, or a 2 oz Nalgene bottle, or trash from gels, drink mix, etc. You can probably fit more in the single v3 pouch than in 2 v1 pouches, but if you put several small items in the larger pouch it becomes more difficult to get the single item you want. I put a baggie of electrolytes in the v3 zippered pouch, but it has room for much more.

      Burrito pocket and pouch. You can fit a 20 oz bottle inside the burrito pocket. However, since I also carry 100 oz in the back bladder compartment, the pressure on my ribs is too irritating. Note that the pressure in front decreases as the weight in back decreases. The new 600 ml bottle fits just fine in the burrito pocket and avoids the front pressure. If you do not put a bottle in the burrito pocket, this becomes a convenient place for anything larger or heavier – a camera for example. The expandable pouch under the burrito pocket has huge capacity. It can actually hold a rolled up Patagonia Houdini jacket or running pants.

      The zippered side pockets are a huge improvement over the v1 design. It is much easier to add and remove items during a run and the overall capacity is significantly greater. For winter running, I put micro-spikes (in a zip lock baggie) in one of these pockets, and sun glasses, poncho, gloves, etc, in the other. Note that tightening the side straps will decrease the effective length of these compartments, but not the total volume.

      The back side of the v3 is superbly designed for ultrarunners looking for max capacity. The bladder compartment for the men’s large size fits a 100 oz bladder. The 2nd full size zippered compartment will fit another bladder, or extra clothes, bottles, and all the supplies you might need on an unsupported run, but do not need to be immediately accessible. The half-size zippered compartment has a key clip and is also a great place for a wallet and extra calories or a first aid kit. You can quickly cram a running suit or clothes or empty bottles into the expandable pouches on back. Even though these pouches have wide openings on top, the contents are secure. The bottom pouch has a top clip which can be attached to the bungee cord. The top pouch has a loop which can be attached to one of the top bungee clips. Plus the entire bungee cord can be tightened to minimize movement of the back items.

      This is an incredible, max-capacity pack for ultrarunners. However, I wish Ultimate Direction would go back to the 2 bottle design with side expandable pockets. I also wonder if they can make the bottom strap come in under the ribs instead of around them. The FastPack 35, for example, features an optional bottom strap which works really well to distribute the weight of a heavily loaded pack.

      The UD blog picture of Peter Bakwin wearing this pack shows the top zipper pockets horizontal on the top of his shoulders. The video shows the pockets front vertical. I have been wearing the pack with these pockets front, vertical. I do not know how this affects the overall fit.
      on May 8th 2017

    9. Love Your Inner Burrito!

      Currently used the vest for 6 months on running and day hikes - in later summer and winter

      I cant add much more praise than highlighted below - but believe the burrito pocket to be a very useful option.

      It will carry a bottle, radio or snack pack very easily

      This is an Adventure vest designed for adventures, not just ultra running.
      on Feb 1st 2017

    10. Why a burrito pocket?

      I love my PB Adventure West 2.0 and was excited to learn about version 3.0. I like the additional space and new color, but do not understand the burrito pocket. I agree with the reviews stating that a second bottle holder would have been a smarter design. I hope that version 4.0 corrects that design flaw. on Jan 26th 2017

    11. Burrito Pocket is perfect

      I use mine for mountain biking and the burrito pocket is fantastic. Holds tons of stuff. I use mine with a 100 ounce bladder and carry food, wet-gear, and "bike stuff." Works way better than traditional biking backpacks, doesn't budge during steep downhills, and I never have to worry about a waist strap loosening when things get technical. I can see how some runners might not like the burrito pocket because they like those useless squeeze bottle water-bag thingies and they want more than 1. Hope they make this one in the new Canyon color. on Jan 15th 2017

    12. burrito pocket... useless

      The burrito pocket is useless. Why you need this pocket if there is already a lot of them elsewhere? This model need a redesign ASAP. I need a backpack with a lot of capacity like this but the burrito is useless. on Jan 2nd 2017

    13. Better access to pockets/bladder/poles than the 2.0

      I loved my PB 2.0, although there were a few quirks I just accepted. The loading/reloading of the bladder became a pain during an ultra distance split over three courses. (I had to refill the bladder between each course, and that took some time). I was also teetering on the edge of not having enough accessible pockets during really long events. Lastly, removing the vest to access anything on the back was kind of a pain, but I dealt with it.

      This is all fixed on the 3.0 - Tons of accessible front space, and access to even the back pockets without taking the vest off. Quick release for poles, so I can decide to use them without an ordeal of taking my vest off while running, while simultaneously watching the trail so as not to biff.

      While I was initially concerned about the 3.0's decision for a bottle and burrito pocket vs the prior two bigger bottle pockets, I've learned that the 700ml SmartWater bottles slide in just fine, without pushing against my chest or fear of them bouncing out. The SmartWater bottle design is taller and slimmer than traditional hand/bike bottles, while still providing 24 oz of easy access fluid. SmartWater bottles are food grade PET1 plastic, so they're re-usable without the plastic leeching into the contents of the bottle. I'm sure you can even stuff a 1L SmartWater bottle in the bottle pocket if you really needed a lot of extra fluid.

      I would give the PB 3.0 5 stars, but I'm a bit of a weird size, and the Small is too small when completely loaded, and the Medium is just a smidge too big when completely empty (no bottles in front, and a near empty 2L bladder). The waist does provide additional cinching straps inside the velcro pockets, but I've made due with the bungee to shore up additional material for the chest. While not the best fix, I'm hoping the PB 4.0 will give more options for fit adjustment. In the meantime, I'm enjoying this awesome piece of equipment for seasons to come!
      on Aug 26th 2016

    14. From PB v1.0 to PB v3.0

      I still have the original PB v 1.0 and cannot wait to get the 3.0. The original PB has been my best buddy for several years, extremely tough in very harsh conditions. It may sound funny but I think of this UD gear as almost a good luck charm. I know I will make it out of what ever challenge I set for myself without gear failure. Thanks for your great products on Jul 21st 2016

    15. Amazing high volume pack

      I purchased this pack for training and racing some longer, more mountainous ultras, as well as having the freedom to pack a bunch of stuff if I needed it. I still own a version 1 AK vest which I thought I'd use for shorter runs. Nope. The PB 3.0 has become my go to vest for pretty much any run longer than 10miles or 2hours.

      Best features:
      *the soft body bottle, in terms of comfort. It is a little hard to get into the pocket designed for it, in fact I find it easier to store it in the burrito pocket, which everyone has complained about, but I prefer it.
      *the separate hydration zipper, with a thoughtfully designed choice of routing it through the right of left side.
      *the mesh pockets on the side of the body; I put my whole keys in there, and they don't jingle at all.
      *the water resistant pockets. I store salt tabs in the small pocket near the clavicle and I store my credit card and money in the back small water resistant packet
      *the back stretchy pocket that is easy to shove my jacket in and out of without taking off the vest
      *the fit. I am 33in around chest. Couldn't be happier in the size small.

      Things to note:
      *the sternum panels are longer than the other UD vests, and the first thing I noticed is how they felt like they were cutting into my stomach. I got used to that real quick and don't notice/care anymore.
      *don't listen to anyone complaining about the burrito pocket.
      *you can fit SO MUCH stuff in here. I run commute with my clothes and wallet and lunch. I run to the grocery store, buy food and run back. Tonight I was running home and made an impromptu store run and stuffed a 12 pack of tortillas, a block of cheese, an avocado, a can of salsa and a 22 oz beer in there. One time I ran to the hardware store and loaded up the vest with home improvement tools I needed. I often collect rock samples for my collection from runs, so sometimes I load it up with rocks. This might be a strange thing to do, but the vest can do it, in case you were wondering.
      *I'm a woman. I liked the PB vest more than the "women's" equivalent I tried on, mostly for the jacket stuffer pocket and the total volume it can fit. I'm also partial to the color and fit and comfort. Love it!
      on Jul 9th 2016

    16. quick review from a woman's perspective

      Wow, I love this pack. I'm 29" at base of ribs and 34A, and the small is perfect whether it's a light load or fully packed. It's a little "warm" but just perfect for mountain and alpine running/power hiking. The poles fit in the front bungees perfectly with no bouncing or falling out at all--the bungees are tight enough that late in a race I almost have a hard time removing the poles. I love all the front pocket access and am still learning how to use the side pockets which i can reach but cant fit too much in yet--I think it's a learning curve. I've tried two body bottles up front, 3 body bottles up front with one extra in the back stretch pocket, one body bottle plus a 50 oz bladder in the back, and all sorts of foot and clothing combos stored in the pack. It manages an impressive amt of weight without bounce and without causing sore points on the shoulders or any chafing whatsoever even after a verrrrry long day in the high country. Can't wait to use it again... on Jun 27th 2016

    17. 4.5 Stars

      Lets get the negatives out of the way first. There's not many though.

      - Sizing is problematic. Just like all the other versions, so you might as well be used to it by now. I'm 64 inches, 140 pounds, 34 inch measurement at the base of the ribs. I need a medium just like the sizing guide states, but it's not that simple. I could barely get the Small on. I have a LOT of room to spare in the Medium. If it wasn't for the hidden lateral straps I would not be able to dial the fit in without the pack being stuffed full. Thankfully I was able to get it locked in. I must have the top sternum strap cinched down all the way but with tightening of the lateral straps I don't have to do the same with the bottom sternum strap, so I have some play there.

      - Asymmetrical design. I would prefer bilateral bottle holsters and the inclusion of second body bottle. But there is a way to compensate for this issue. Most people put a second body bottle in the burrito pocket and while it fits there easily, there is a lot of movement in that location. I prefer to place my additional body bottle in the stretch mesh catch all pocket below it. It doesn't move at all there. The sternum rail system is good at accommodating the awkward distribution of weight in this setup by adjusting them on an angle like the Salomon packs.

      Everything else about this vest is amazing! It's incredibly light. Has a ton of storage, and can cinch down well even when you are running with next to nothing in it. I don't typically run with bladders but I was able to fit a 100 oz one in the sleeve, though I couldn't top it off. On my recent test run I packed it completely full with the addition of trekking poles and I was very happy with the lack of bounce. There was some as to be expected, but the vest carried it all very well. I am extremely happy with this purchase!
      on Jun 27th 2016

    18. Versatile and Functional. It doesn't get any better than this.

      All day adventure. There is so much accessibility for storage. I added a bladder and a second body bottle plus to compliment the bottle that it came with. The burrito pocket is the best!!! It's great for burritos, fruit or anything you want to have quick access to munch on without removing your pack; you can even keep a second body bottle plus in there. Genius!!

      on Jun 15th 2016

    19. The best parts of 2.0 and then some

      I love the fully separate and bigger hydration reservoir part. I can fit my 100mL bladder in much easier than the 2.0. The more tucked away hydration hose options are also very nice. I have always disliked not having something to keep the hose from flopping all over the place, so having my hose kept tucked away and behind the pockets keeps it out of the way until I need it.
      Also it seems that I have a lot more room in the main pocket without all the internal cords and such running all over the place.
      The reduction of one bottle holster in the front is a sacrifice I am willing to make for the huge burrito pocket. I can fit my phone in it, making it easier to run my events and keep track of my team on the go without twisting my arm around to try and fit it into the little hip pouches from the 2.0.
      I do miss a few of the side stretchy pockets on the sides of the front water holders. That were great for holding gels, but the real big one on front of the burrito pocket will most likely make up for any lost room.
      Side pockets seem bigger and easier to get in and out of compared to the 2.0 version as well.
      Super stoked to see how this holds up on my upcoming Long Distance Pushes this summer. The 2.0 bag was awesome this one looks like I am able to cary more, just as comfortably, with quicker access to what I might need without taking it off. Well done.
      on Jun 11th 2016

    20. What about those of us living in hot desert regions? No option large bottles or 100 oz bladders?

      I'm surprised most of these packs seem designed for tiny water bottles and less than 100oz bladders. Running in the cool Rockies is a lot different than running in the 100+ degree mountains and deserts of Southern California.
      Those little flask are just a couple sips for our needs here. 70 oz bladders are for short distance runners out here. 100 oz plus a couple 16 oz is just enough to do a 30-40 mile run in the heat here. Any chance of making one that can accommodate such needs?
      on Jun 5th 2016