John Kelly

John Kelly


FKT Racer / United Kingdom

John grew up adventuring through the dense mountains and forests around his family’s rural home in Morgan County, TN, constantly trying to keep up with my older brother and cousins. That grew into a love of exploration and a drive to continually challenge himself with goals that push his boundaries and that have failure as a probable outcome (without that possibility a goal is just a task). Ultra running allows John to do both of those things at once.

Race / FKT highlights:

  • Apr 2017 - Became the 15th finisher of the Barkley Marathons
  • Feb 2018 - Completed the first-ever sub 24 hour run at The Wild Oak Trail 100
  • 2020 - 2021 Pennine Way Adventures - Won The Spine Race in January 2020, then in July 2020 broke a 31 year old record on the route, then in May 2021 returned to reclaim the record with the 1st ever sub 60 hour time
  • Aug 2020 - Completed The Grand Round, a project John created himself that built upon his passions and pushed him to his limits on a self-propelled adventure completing the UK's big 3 fell running rounds and cycling between them in just over 130 hours total
  • Honorable mention: November 2018 - obtained the Slowest Known Time for the swim in a sub-9-hour Ironman