Product Info, Tips, and Tricks

Q: How do I use the Kicker Cap?

A: Using the Kicker Cap is easy! Simply pull the red valve with your fingers or teeth, and once it pops out, squeeze the bottle to release the water. Feel free to check out our instructional video or this handy diagram for more info.

Q: Are your reservoirs and bottles BPA-free?

A: Yes! Ultimate Direction’s bottles and gel flasks have always been made with FDA approved Polyethylene, a BPA-free plastic that is soft and squeezable, odorless and tasteless. Likewise, Ultimate Direction's hydration reservoirs are made with FDA approved polyurethane, also a BPA-free material.

Product Care and Warranty

Q: Are your bottles and caps dishwasher safe?

A: Our bottles and caps certainly are dishwasher safe. To keep them in top shape though, it’s best to avoid a high heat dry cycle.

Q: How do I clean my reservoir?

A: Cleaning your reservoir regularly is important. Turn the entire unit inside-out for maximum cleaning access, scrub the surface with a mild soap, rinse thoroughly, and let the product air dry. Learn proper cleaning technique with this instructional video.

Q: What if my reservoir or soft bottle turns yellow with age?

A: The Thermo Plastic Urethane film used in reservoirs and soft bottles was chosen because it is very durable, soft, safe, and flexible. It’s also somewhat porous, so sports drinks and even some municipal water can cause a yellowing effect. This is normal, not dangerous, and can be lessened by cleaning with “Bottle Bright” manufactured by “Clean Ethics”. You may also try filling it with Coca-Cola or denture cleaner overnight.

Q: Are your products machine washable?

A: Yes, our products are machine washable. Hand washing is the safest, but for a machine use the “cool” or “warm” setting (never “hot”), and put it in a garment bag to keep the bungees and straps from becoming tangled and damaged. Never use a dryer - hang to dry when done!

Q: What can I do if my bite valve or reservoir is leaking?

A: If you have a Hydrapak logo on your reservoir, please contact their Customer Service Department directly for assistance. For any older model reservoirs, please send us an email with a description of the issue, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!

Q: Are there any retailers near my city that sell your products?

A: Great question! We actually have a store finder feature on our website. If you type your zip code into the “search” bar on that page, you should be able to find out instantly what stores are closest to you. For any international inquiries, please contact us directly.