Jason Schlarb


Ultrarunner / Durango, CO

Jason Schlarb is an adventurer, coach (25 athletes), race director (3 races), athlete manager for Norda 665 & one of the best long distance mountain runners in the world. Jason won Hardrock with Killian Jornet in 2016 in the second fastest time ever & was first person to ever ski the Hardrock: https://vimeo.com/184866615 Jason is the 3 x winner of Run Rabbit Run 100 ($13,000 1st place), 2 x 1st American finisher (4th & 19th) at UTMB along with numerous other records, FKTs & wins over his 9 years as a world class professional trail runner. Jason has raced or filmed in 22 countries around the world in his 12 years as a professional runner. Jason co-stars in the Run Around the World episodal film series covering adventures and races in the most exotic & amazing locations such as China, Oman, Patagonia, etc...

Favorite Race/ Trail/ Route: San Juan Mountains of Colorado