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  • Ultimate Direction Signature Series 3.0: Scott Jurek Ultra Vest

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SJ Ultra Vest 3.0

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NEW Canyon color now available!

The best-selling running vest in the world just got better, with more accessible storage, and almost half the weight. Scott tested out prototypes of the Scott Jurek Ultra Vest 3.0 while on his 43 day record setting Appalachian Trial run and modifications were made per his suggestions and experience with the vest.

NOTE: 3.0 vests fit differently than the previous versions; please check the Sizing Chart below.

Specs & Details

  • Lightweight T-Hook adjustable sternum straps
  • Bottle holsters tighten to carry phone or camera
  • Phone compatible pockets
  • Unique, on-the-go trekking pole holders
  • Soft and flexible knit mono-mesh harness
  • An upper reservoir-compatible pouch and a lower pocket for everything else
  • Wide lateral strap for stability and adjustability
Sizing at bottom ribs (Unisex):
  • SM: 24 - 38 in. / 61 - 97 cm
  • MD: 31 - 42 in. / 79 - 107 cm
  • LG: 36 - 50 in. / 91 - 127 cm
  • Measure wearing the clothes you intend to wear
  • Unisex Sizing - Please confirm your bottom ribs measurement before ordering
  • Volume Capacity: 518 in/ 8.5L
  • Weight: 7.11 oz. (9.56 oz. with bottles) / 203 g (273 g with bottles)
  • Height: 18.1 in. / 46 cm
  • Width: 11 in. / 28 cm
  • Depth: 5.5 in. / 14 cm



  • 150g Knit Mono Mesh: New 150gsm harness conforms to your body for absolute comfort and superior load carrying
  • 180g Darlington Power Mesh: Lightweight strength with differential stretch in the x and y axis for enhanced load management
  • SilNylon/66: Silicone-Impregnated 30D nylon with a polyurethane face creates a permanently waterproof fabric, and substantially increases seam and tear strength
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    1. Really enjoy vest

      Wanted a vest rather than a pack or belt. This vest is working out really well. Ordered small (I'm 5'8", 160). Still dialing in the adjustments, almost there. Don't really notice it which is what I was hoping for. Here's to hoping it last a long time. Have not used bladder in the back yet only two front bottles. Pocket for phone and gel.
      Highly recommend. Lower price as well.
      on Feb 6th 2018

    2. Helpful Item

      I was a belt guy for a long time but have made the switch to this vest. It is lightweight and super breathable (I run in AZ, very important need).

      The pockets are very accessible even on the run. They are big enough for essentials including phone and other items.

      A lot of the other reviewers mentioned the size running large. I agree with this. I'm 6'0", 210 (46" chest) and the medium fits me well. Note it says to measure by lower ribs.

      The water bottles seem to be fine. The fastners & straps seem to work well. I've been using them for marathon training. I've been using one w/water, the other w/electrolyte product. I've had no issues f water spilling out etc.

      The only con was getting used to the vest itself. It felt claustrophobic at first but I'm used to it now and wish I had switched to a vest years ago.

      I'm happy with purchase and highly recommend it, for its utility and quality
      on Jan 10th 2018

    3. Great vest, Runs large.

      The vest is great! The soft bottles don’t slosh, but they do sink in a bit when they’re half-full. I’ll be trying the straw bottles soon. The zippered front pocket first my iPhone 6 in its case. The other pockets are great for gels and key fobs. I have not put a bladder in the back, but I have had to stash a jacket back there a couple times.

      I am 5’11”, 175 and I ordered a medium first. It was too big. Too bouncy even with all the straps pulled all the way tight. I ended up with a small and it fits great.
      on Nov 23rd 2017

    4. Get the right fit and you will love this vest.

      I've been getting more and more distance into my runs and with the right gear it feels great. I started with a bottle in hand and quickly regretted that choice. I waded through all the other choices out on the market and there are a lot. Eventually deciding on a vest system. I barrowed a friends sj ultra vest and loved it. I did find the bottles to low and upon further research found that I am surprisingly a "Medium". I and 6'5" and 225lbs. I haven't been a medium in a long time. But, the reviews and sizing charts were correct and I love the way the Medium fits. I haven't put a bladder in the back yet but, it will happen. I've been able to carry jacket and quick first aid kit I the back. I like this vest...
      on Aug 21st 2017

    5. Does not include sports bra

      This is my first vest, coming from the world of back bladders... so keep that in mind while reading this. But anyway, here's my takeaway so far...
      - The bottles bounce around like I have fake boobs.... even the material of the bottles feel like implants.
      - The vest is extremely lightweight, and dries very quickly.
      - One of the bottle caps is hard to line up with the thread to screw on (not sure why... but I'm interested in the getting the original "hardshell" bottles to compare).
      - Completely full, the water bottles tend to bounce out, even with the elastic restraining cables cinched down.
      - If you tuck the bottles UNDER the elastic restraining cables to stay in the pouches, the bottles sink down, since it's soft material... so the bottles tend to either bounce out, or sink down into the pouch.
      - I haven't kept my car keys or cell phone in the pockets without a ziplock bag, because I sweat a ton and am not confident it will keep my phone/keys dry.
      - The pockets are in extremely convenient locations, and am excited to take this on longer runs.

      Bottom line: It might just be something I have to get used to... but the balanced weight is sure a lot better than having a back bladder sliding from side to side.

      on Aug 9th 2017

    6. Great pack with thoughtful, simple design

      I bought this pack to solve a few problems I'd been experiencing in other packs:
      - having a single reservoir limited my ability to carry both pure water and a caloric beverage;
      - keeping all the weight on my back pitted my hydration against running form;
      - many pockets were either an inconvenient shape or in an inconvenient place;
      - chafing.

      The SJ Ultra Vest 3.0 solved all of these problems for me.

      The dual soft flasks allow me to carry two different beverages. With the weight flanking my chest, I maintain the falling-forward feel of efficient running, rather than feeling dragged backwards. For long days without ample available water, I'll carry up to 1.0 L on my back, too, which balances the front weight. The cinches on the pack keep the weight snug so that the bottles don't bounce around, but not uncomfortably tight.

      There are convenient pockets for just about everything: gels/food, phone, salt tabs, &c. Surprisingly, the rear zipper pocket is very easy to access while moving, making it a surprise favorite spot for bars and snacks. I rarely use the big rear stuff-pocket unless I'm going for a long unsupported day, but it's great for that purpose because it can hold a lot and you can use the cord on the outside to compress it or fasten gear to the outside of the pack. I don't usually use poles, but when I have, the pole loops work great.

      Even without a shirt on, the pack doesn't cause and chafing, which can't be said for most packs in my experience. Adjusting the side straps first, then the front straps, in order to keep the bottles in the right place was the only work it took to get the pack to sit just right. Simple!

      When the soft flasks aren't full, they sink down into their pockets, becoming tougher to access and remove. It gets easier with practice, but definitely can be frustrating. That's about my only complaint and certainly doesn't warrant less than a 5-star rating.
      on May 18th 2017

    7. over all a good pack but hass issues.

      the biggest complaint i have with this pack is with the bladder, i cant stand running with bottles up front, im a bladder guy, and thats where this pack has its issues, the bladder just kind of sits in the pack and is real sloshy, the Velcro strap that secures the bladder doesnt hold... IE (use mush better Velcro please) for now i will be sticking with my salomon. as far as sizing be sure to read and measure, i am 6'1, 215 pounds and im at about the middle on the medium. on May 15th 2017

    8. Light, durable and spacious...just get the sizing right and you are golden!

      > 6’, 205
      > Wear a MD/LG in shirts
      > Have a UD PB 1.0 in MD/LG and fits perfectly
      > Chest 42”/43”
      > Bottom of Rib Cage 36”

      According to other reviews, this runs large, my measurements puts me in between a SM and MD. Purchased a MD. Very odd fit. It feels like the loaded bottles are too low on my chest and the straps over the shoulders are too close to my neck. Doesn’t feel very form fitting. Chest straps are about 2-3 inches apart leaving a ton of strap leftover to flap around. Loosely tying it off solves the problem. Chest and side adjustments seem to be futile to get a comfortable fit, will take it for a run anyways.

      First run was a 10 miler. Load was just my key and Houdini in the back zipper pocket. I love the key clip! I only used 1 bottle and kept my phone in the other bottle pocket. I felt like the shoulder strap was rubbing against the left side of my neck, not hard, but noticeably felt uneven. Later in the run, I switched my phone to the zipper pocket, so no load in the right pocket, still felt lopsided. The whole run, I just felt like I had a vest on. This is not the case with other vests that I’ve tried(ie. Salomon Ultra Set 3L...great fit, ripped bottle pocket after 5 uses) This vest is supposed to replace that one, in terms of more capacity and durability than the latter, but less than the PB 1.0 Vest.

      Wanted something, super-light, super comfy and super durable. Enough for front country trail runs from 10 to 20+ miles where I need to at least have my 10 trail essentials, some nutrition and enough water.

      Test loaded the back pocket with my Puffy Vest and Pullover and Houdini, both bottles. It felt like it fit a lot better, but that is fully packed, which I don’t run with often enough to warrant the larger size.

      Update: Received the SMall. Out of the box, it was snug with room for adjustment and a little higher on the body, which feels like a perfect fit. Took it on a 12 miler with my 10 Trail Essentinals and performed just like it should. I have opted to use the skinny 500ml Salomon Hydro Flask and Ultraspire Formula 250ml Soft Flask in lieu of the included bottles. I will be using the Body Bottles for extra water stashed in the main back pocket for longer runs. Just personal preference. It still feels like I'm wearing a vest, but for now, it is a acceptable tradeoff for durability.

      Also, this thing dries fast!
      on Nov 17th 2016

    9. SJ Ultra Vest a winner!

      Fantastic vest, you barely know you're wearing it. No pressure points, no chafing.
      Folds up really small, so I take it on my travels abroad, doesn't take up any space, and the soft bottles help of course.

      As other users have noticed, the bottles that come with the vest start leaking quickly, and I've had to replace both of them. The new twist lock is a design error, as the whole top keeps coming off. This is an issue for Hydrapack, who apparently makes these for U-D, but funny enough, the only replacement bottle that doesn't leak is the Hydrapack-branded one...

      Overall, the best vest I've ever had!
      on Nov 6th 2016

    10. SJ Ultra Vest or Fanny Pack

      I've run long distances for the past 43 years. I recently purchased the UD Signature Series 3.0 vest. It was quite an adjustment to go from fanny packs to a vest. However, I wanted to try it out. There are some advantages. Most items are right up front and easy to reach. My iPhone was stored in a water bottle holder and I could grab it and snap pictures at will. With a fanny pack I wore an armband for my phone. On long mountain trails runs there is a certain ease when you have to make a pitstop and there is no need to remove a belt. Having said this there were problems with wearing this vest. First, that iPhone that I wore in the water bottle pocket did not provide as much safety light as when I run in the dark with it in an armband. Also several times my running app was switched off when my hand accidentally hit the pouch. And about hands hitting the pouch, I found that I had to hold my arms at an unnatural position during my run to keep my hands from brushing up against or banging into the the running vest or bottles. The upper pocket I used to hold keys. Unfortunately after 3 weeks the seams at the top came apart. That was truly disappointing. I will not bother returning the pack but it should have been constructed better. During a beach run of just a little over half a marathon the vest started to cut into the side of my neck. It still hurts and burns from the cut. As a result this morning I switched everything out of the pack and returned to wearing my UD fanny pack. Immediately it felt so much better having it around my waist in comparison to wearing the vest hanging off my shoulders and over my chest and back. I may have to remove the belt when I make those pitstops up in the mountains but over the miles the pack is far more comfortable then the vest. on Oct 24th 2016

    11. comfort

      Lightweight, comfortable material. Easily worn without a shirt. Easy access to all storage areas. A great vest for distances from the marathon to 100 miles +.

      The soft flask work great, and the option to go with a bladder works just as well. I love that about these vests! I can carry what I need, and have room to spare. Nothing rubs or chafes. My last UD vest, the original AK race vest, is still going strong. I expect this one to last me many years too!
      on Oct 11th 2016

    12. Takes time

      I will have to get used to wearing a vest. After 43 years of wearing fanny packs this is an adjustment. I just finished, moments ago, a short 5 mile beach recovery run. The sj vest is everything people posted here. I think I will need 10 or so runs before I'm convince it is what I need/want. One thing I've noticed is I have to hold my arms a bit lower and wider out so I don't rub against the bottle or some other part of the vest. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. on Oct 10th 2016

    13. SJ 3.0 Hydration Vest

      This is a very good product. The only thing I would change is the Velcro strap that holds the reservoir. It failed within one mile and so the reservoir fell to the bottom of the pack. Will use safety pins in the future. on Sep 6th 2016

    14. Great vest with room for improvement

      I would like to LOVE this vest. I must admit, I'm still dialing it in, BUT, there's a few flaws I KNOW Jurek would have run into over the miles.

      1. Cell pocket- not good for cell phones. It sits weird due to the body bottle and eats your lower ribs. I have a 5SE and it's still awkward.
      2. Fit- I'm a smaller guy. 5'10", 140 pounds. I'm still trying to get the fit dialed in so it doesn't move around the collarbones. I ordered the small and have made an 'x' pattern from the front straps.
      3. T hooks- cool concept, pain to adjust. If the anchors were just a tad wider I think it would be easier to change configurations on the fly when changing clothes or just adjusting to the water volume.
      4. Body bottle (updated version)- isn't happy sitting above the elastic, bounces under the elastic and the lip around the mouthpiece is just a pain (literally pain in the ribs) until it folds into its happy place.
      5. What is that pocket at the very top right? It's like it's sized for slim jims and I know Scott isn't eating that. Really, still not sure what this segmented pocket is for. I plan on snipping the stitches and having a full (usable) pocket.

      Having said all of that here's the pros and why I'll be using it as the go-to pack for this seasons races-
      1. Stupid light. Really, how do you make something this strong and so light?
      2. Comfort- yea, I complained about it above, but once you get the oddities dialed in, there's no chaffing or hot spots on a shirtless runner. I almost always run shirtless. Wearing this from shirtless to rain jacket was huge for me. (With the caveat you tinker with the flask to get them comfortable)
      3. The layout is awesome. Everything you need is on the front or in the back zipper. Hard to argue with the concept of having access during a run. I hate reaching for my stuff.
      4. The bottles. Again, I complained about them, but, it's hard to argue against a bottle you can roll up and store away once it's empty.
      5. Volume- spot on. Light enough to carry everything you need for a trail race (I'd feel comfortable doing an unsupported 50k- 50M with bladder and bottles) but loaded with enough storage to add a rain jacket, poles, calories, and your phone (not the front!)

      Adjustments- they're everywhere! As long as you order the right size, I can't see how you can't make this work for you.

      TL;DR- I highly recommend this pack but as with all running gear, prepare to make it work for you. There's adjustment everywhere.
      on Aug 29th 2016

    15. Fantastic vest, terrible replacement bottles.

      The vest is extremely comfortable, light, and provides plenty of storage. The bottles that come with the vest (the version currently shown in the product pictures above - has "pinched" sides near the bottom that narrow downward and a non-twist-lock cap) are great.

      Now the downside. One of my bottles started leaking after about 120 miles of usage. Customer service was great, but directed me to the bottle manufacturer for replacement. The above shown bottle is no longer in production. They now have a new bottle design (listed as the same size, but holds about and ounce less) and a new bottle cap. The new cap is awful.
      1) it has a twisting lock system that is difficult to turn when your hands or the cap are slightly wet
      2) unless you have the cap in fully-clicked lock position the bottle now leaks with every bounce
      3) the seal of the rubber mouth piece is not as strong as the old caps and will leak if you squeeze it at an angle
      4) Due to the plastic lock mechanism the gray plastic is now two twisting pieces rather than one piece. It appears about the same amount of plastic is used overall which makes it feel far less substantial and more prone to accidentally breaking. It feels cheap.
      5) finally, and the kiss of death, the new cap's gray plastic twist top does not have a strong seal to the body of the water bottle like the old version. Unless twisted extremely tightly it will slowly come loose during the run and begin leaking around the edges.

      - fantastic vest and original bottles (5 stars)
      - terrible replacement bottles if you have a problem with the first set (if these bottles came with the vest as purchased then I would give 1 star)
      on Aug 29th 2016

    16. Suggestion for 2L reservoir user

      Dimension of 2L reservoir should be varied in different brand. Please make sure the reservoir are long enough to sit on the bottom of the bag with the velcro holder on hold.
      36cm long is good, but the longer (and narrow) the better.

      Please read "Do not buy if you plan to use a reservoir" for the awful experience.
      on May 17th 2016

    17. Do not buy if you plan to use a reservoir

      I've had my eye on the SJ pack for awhile and finally decided to pull the trigger when the 3.0 model came out. While it has some nice features going for it, I was very disappointed with how poorly it works with a rear reservoir.

      Despite being advertised as compatible with a 2L reservoir, the design is clearly an afterthought. The compartment does not hold the reservoir securely, so it sloshes around quite a bit; the velcro strap that secures the reservoir can sometime come undone due to the sloshing. When carrying a fully filled reservoir, the pack does not sit correctly on the body and slides down your back. This awkward positioning combined with the thin materials caused the hard plastic top of the reservoir to rub uncomfortably against my shoulder blades during runs.

      I did like the front-accessible storage, but this vest is basically useless for me on longer runs and races (50k+) because I can't comfortably use a bladder. Will look at Salomon or Nathan packs instead.
      on May 3rd 2016

    18. Exceeds expectations

      I received my new Scott Jurek Ultra Vest 3.0 on a Friday evening and ran 25 miles on the Pinhoti Trail the very next morning. I plan on using the vest during the Quest For The Crest 50k, so I loaded it up with a full bladder, soft flasks, poles, and more. The vest was lighter than I expected and performed flawlessly. I love carrying the poles up front. They were easy to get to and put away on the fly. The layout of the pockets make sense and I found a use for them all. This is my favorite UD Vest so far. on May 2nd 2016

    19. Nice vest

      Like the vest weight and balance. Pocket placement seems easy to use for the most part. Would have liked to see hard bottles as an option. Soft flasks are difficult to extract. Suggest possible use of longer tubing. Reinserting hard bottles difficult if large item in waterproof pocket above bottle. Overall the vest is easy to use for gel, cell phone, as supplies in back pocket
      on Apr 30th 2016

    20. Great for 50k

      Just used the SJ Ultra 3.0 for a 50k, and it was great. I thought the 2.0 vests were awesome, but this is even better. The pockets are easily accessible. The material is light and comfortable; I was running in the snow and the material did not suck in water or gain weight. I also like the trekking pole attachments. Best improvement is the lower rear pocket, which can be accessed easily on the run for storage of a jacket (or food, etc.) without taking off the vest. The soft bottles are slightly redesigned and very useful. Nice work, UD! on Apr 17th 2016