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  • Ultimate Direction: PB Adventure Vest 2.0

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PB Adventure Vest 2.0

$159.95 $111.97
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Now Available in XL!
Designed by ultra-adventurer Peter Bakwin, the PB Adventure Vest 2.0 will help you go further, higher and harder. 
Version 2.0 includes all the same great features as the original plus many improvements. Side adjustment straps, hidden in side pockets, allow for a fine tuned fit and eliminate bounce. An added side access zipper and gear storage separator makes accessing and securing a reservoir easy. 340gm Power Mesh is strong and durable, and Silnylon 66 provides increased seam strength.
The PB Vest 2.0 is stronger and more durable, enabling you to go anywhere with confidence. 

Specs & Details

Features (Front):
  • GPS Locator / phone pockets (2) 
  • Bellows side pockets can carry 26 oz. bottles
  • Gel or bar pouches (4) 
  • Electrolyte or valuables pockets (2)
  • Fully adjustable sternum straps (2)
  • Emergency whistle
  • Super soft VelvetexTM no-chafe binding
Features (Back):
  • Micro adjustment straps for better fit (2)
  • Quick reservoir access zipper
  • Internal bungee and gear seperation panel
  • Two zippered compartments
  • Secure lat pockets, with stretch panel behind (2)
  • Trekking pole (2) and Ice Axe (1) loops
  • Accommodates a 70 oz. reservoir (sold separately)
Sizing At Chest (Unisex):
  • S/M: 23 - 36 in / 58 - 91 cm
  • M/L: 31 - 40 in / 79 - 102 cm
  • XL: 38 - 48 in / 97 - 122 cm
  • New adjustment straps fine tune the fit
  • Measure wearing the clothes you intend to wear
  • A vest full of gear will fit smaller

  • Volume Capacity: 671 in/ 11L
  • Fluid Capacity: 2 x 20 oz bottles / 2 x 591 mL (plus optional reservoir)
  • Weight: 16 oz. (21.5 oz. with bottles) / 454 g (610 g with bottles)
  • Height: 16 in. / 41 cm
  • Width: 9 in. / 23 cm
  • Depth: 4.5 in. / 11 cm
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    1. Poor durability and failed repair process

      I bought this pack in the fall of 2015 and used it for less than a year before it started falling apart. First, one of the two bottle holder tension straps snapped upon a simple pull, and then the bottom torso strap broke during a run. The most disappointing part was the warranty repair process, which took nearly three months. The repair shop in Alabama didn't even repair the torso strap, so UD sent me a strap to install myself which is extremely frustrating, as so far it has been impossible to install it. The pack is likely going to end up in the trash, a broken and sad remainder of what could have been a long lasting pack. on Mar 19th 2017

    2. Great product. Fits well, Tons of storage.

      This is a GREAT running pack. AND it comes in MEN'S SIZING!!!! How nice to put on a running pack and not feel like a "Fat man in a little suit". Has enough space to haul what I need for a long run and everything is handy and easy to get to. on Aug 4th 2016


      So I am one of those normal sized humans that have been labeled "Clydesdale" since the get-go. While I accept that false-positive demonstrative label, it really irks me to find very little representation of my class and kind in the running world. As one could imagine - I found the UD Peter Bakwin XL vest a tantalizing offer. After reading several reviews, checking the measurements and comparing other vests - I enthusiastically chose the UDPBXL. It arrived quick - Awesome, it fit very well - Awesome, Super comfy - Awesome, LOADS OF SPACE - Awesome.....I digress. 5 STARS for the best vest this trail runner has ever put on - I happily retired a Nathan HPL for the upgrade to this beast of a pack. The only issue that has me split in twain is the fact that with this pack's carrying capacity - i have no excuse for "small miles"! on Jun 22nd 2016

    4. Customer Review

      I used this pack, for 50 km mountain trail ulltra-marathon. I'm 1.80 cm height and 82 kg weight. It was very comfortable, light and well fit on my body. When i was read reviews about size, i had some questions. But is it very well fitting to my body M/L size. Even there are free spaces, to tight it... on Apr 22nd 2016

    5. Straps too small

      got the PB 2, the straps in front are just too tight. I see now everyone has that complaint. Called today and very helpful. Sending out extension straps today. Good customer service on Feb 16th 2016

    6. 1000km and still looks brand new!

      I bought this pack to use last August on the Mongol Derby, a 1000km race on horseback. This pack did it's job! It held a 3l bladder for me and all my daily gear such as: sunglasses, goggles, camera, jacket, sweater, gps, tracker, knives, flash light, money, paperwork, and a couple other small things such as tape and zip lock bags. Nothing broke, not even one zipper to repair, and this pack definitely saw all conditions! In 10days we had heat of over 38'C and pouring rain and wind for 2 days non-stop. This bag was one of my best friends during the race. I wouldn't trade it for anything! on Feb 2nd 2016

    7. Customer Review

      OK- technically, this is feedback on the PB Adventure Vest 1.0, but bear with me..... I bought the PB Adventure Vest 1.0 in Nov 2013. I used it exclusively for trails runs in the coastal mountains of Northern California and only on runs where I was running 20+ miles per run. Since I purchased it, I have clocked over 2300 miles or roughly 460 hours of trail running and ultra trail races with the PB Adventure Vest 1.0. For every run, I carry a minimum of 2L of liquid in a 3L liter reservoir, along with another 1lb of safety gear. So, call it a total weight of 7lbs carried with the PB Adventure Vest 1.0 for 460 hours of pounding up and down trails. Other than some worn out interior shockcord, the only issue has been that the stitching velcro reservoir strap that attaches to the cuban fiber has started to tear. I guess that is one of the reasons they have switched to silnylon for version 2.0. I just bought the new PB Adventure Vest 2.0 and I really like the minor adjustments they have made to it. If this version 2.0 vest lasts me as long as old vest, then this will be the best running gear investment I have made in 2015! I look forward to writing an equally positive review after 2300 miles with the 2.0 vest! on Sep 17th 2015

    8. Customer Review

      An excellent product. I have been using it on my run/walk commute (4.5 miles). I have no complaints. I only want to note that at 5-9 and 170 pounds, I went with the XL (on advice from customer service). So the sizing might not be quite what you think: I don't normally wear XL, meaning this runs a bit large. Or more accurately, it's highly adjustable and cinches up. on Sep 9th 2015

    9. Customer Review

      I've used this pack for at least 60 miles now, i like the larger bladder compartment, the wide shoulder straps, the way the pack rides high on my back, the ample storage with 2 pack zippers. What I don't like: 1) The front strap pockets are too small for the iPhone 6, and 2) The side pockets for nutrition storage are very hard to access without taking the pack off one shoulder--I'm a guy and I can't contort my arms to unzip these pockets. Can you redesign these pockets, perhaps by having them hinged at the forward end, with snaps at the back end, so the pockets can be rotated forward, then rotated back and snapped again? on Jul 13th 2015

    10. Customer Review

      Thank you UD for making a XL size in this pack - this pack rocks !! on May 6th 2015

    11. Customer Review

      I have to agree with the comments here on sizing. If you are of large build, be very wary of this vest! It says it fits up to 40 across the chest. I am a 38 across the chest and 35 across where the lower strap goes. The vest fit ok in the store unloaded, but as soon as I put some gear in it the sternum strap only barely fit, and I couldn't close the lower strap and still breathe. On the plus side, I took it on a long run and the vest was still more comfortable than any other running vest I've tried, even just with the sternum strap, and it has some awesome features. So not sure yet if I will return it or try to get the straps modified. In summary if you are an ectomorph, go forth and conquer, but if you are of larger stature think carefully before purchasing. on Jan 29th 2015

    12. Customer Review

      I love this vest! I also have the AK 1.0 vest that I also love and use for races. This vest is used for longer, self-supported training runs where more gear and supplies are needed. The fit is perfect. Initially thought it was too big after trying it on when empty. As soon as I stuck anything into the main compartment it fit, even just a light pullover. If I don't need anything in the pack I'd be using the AK or a handheld. I'd really love to have all 3! ;-) It also took a bit to get the fit of the bottle holders just right, pulling them outward, off the edge of the ribcage, making it one of the most comfortable packs I've worn. The bottle location is quite different than the AK, where sit lower on the ribs, off the chest. Trekking poles tend to shift to the far back and stick out a little on the top. It takes a little adjustment and they can be shifted to the side. I don't use bladders, but tried it once when I was going to be without a water source for some time. Like most lightweight packs, the water warms up to body temp pretty soon. A cheap, light, rectangular, 1/4" foam piece could likely be added without adding weight and solve that problem. The velcro side pockets are a little awkward. Elasticized bottle pockets may be a better choice in future versions. Though I like having the side tension adjustments in there. The little pockets under the bottles fit a mini body glide stick so it is readily on-hand. I've had the pack since May (2014) and am really looking to test it out with winter gear soon. Go run! on Nov 8th 2014

    13. Customer Review

      Great bag spoilt by sizing...can't secure the bottom strap and still breath! I'm not overweight or particularly large...for comparison I take medium European / US clothing. What a simple design flaw and what is particularly disappointing is that I'm clearly not the first person to identify this problem. Also pouches for the bottles are too flimsy...can't get bottles into them one handed which defeats one of the main purposes of the vest which is to encourage you to stay hydrated. I've stiffened them with wire which partially solves the issue. on Oct 9th 2014

    14. Customer Review

      The sizing is definitely a disappointment. I couldn't even get it buckled and the bottles were under my arms. I am a loyal UD customer. I have raced the last two years with a SJ 1.0 and prior to that a Diablo (plus some waist packs). I wanted just a bit more carry volume than my Jurek (and the I have a seam tearing on the cuban fiber). For full disclosure, I read the sizing before purchase but didn't really believe the M/L only went to a 40" chest size. While I am a larger runner and have had to let the straps out on my other UD products, they always fit and rode well. I figured the PB large would be equivalent to these. Wrong and disappointed. on Aug 21st 2014

    15. Customer Review

      This Hydration Pack is a failure. I paid good money to have this product shipped to me 1 day service only to find that it is too small for me to use. I should have noticed the other comment about sizing. I am a 44 chest and the pack is listed as M/L with an emphasis on the Medium. What are you people thinking. I am sure Nathan and Camelback etc. Can figure this one out. Looks like I will request a refund and go with them. Thanks for wasting my time. on Jul 26th 2014

    16. Customer Review

      I became an owner of the PB vest with somewhat of a skeptical eye. I'm definitely one that is hard on their gear and playing around with the vest at my local running store, I wasn't sure if it was going to survive an afternoon with me, saying nothing for the month-long+ adventure I had planned. I didn't understand the need for so many pockets and such a complicated structure. But, I pulled the trigger anyhow and put the vest through its paces before my big adventure. If it didn't work out, I would have time to find some sort of an alternative (basically a regular pack). After having this vest for a few weeks, I'm pretty pleased; what I thought was an over-complicated designed, turned out to be instead a very well-thought out design and all the bips and bobs, and pockets available prove to have purpose and utility. The construction is sound - I certainly haven't found any flaws with the sewing and the materials have held up to my abuse so far - a huge relief for me. Above all though, the vest performs. One of the problems I have had in the past, running with the small pack I use for mountain biking, is that my lower back would get scratched up, with the packs constant movement across my back. That isn't a problem with this pack. Since it hugs your body so close, it moves in unison with you, stride after stride. Overheating is also not a problem ,as the vest is so small, that your body still has quite of bit of surface area to breath and perspire. Like many others, I've found the amount of space the vest gives you truly enough for a long outing. Using this vest requires a different mindset than say, packing up a backpack, but that makes sense, as the two are not the same things. I've done such classic lines in the Longs Peak Massif as the Longs Peak Radical Slam and even the Kieners route, with ice axe and crampons in tow. I've bungee'd up my approach shoes to the vest for Flatiron scrambles here in Boulder. Everything works great. I've been experimenting with lashing on my entire UL sleep system to the pack, for extended, multi-day, unsupported trips out to more desolate peaks. Looks like it's going to work! Truly a flexible piece of kit. I'm actually looking forward to riding a bike with it it, as all the front water bottle pockets are perfect for putting food into, to munch on - my own personal mini musettes! (I'll put the bottles on the cages, on the bike frame!) One thing I just discovered today is the packability of this pack - I'm planning to take it with me on a bike tour, and don't want to wear it all the time. I was surprised to find out that it packs down smaller than even my rain jacket. I couldn't say that about my MTB backpack, even if it was flexible enough to compress into a stuff sack! You could say I've become a believer, even when using this pack a little outside the pale of its intended use. The UD team has done an excellent job making a very useful, flexible and valuable piece of kit. I'm really impressed. on Jul 22nd 2014

    17. Customer Review

      I love this vest, took it on a 6 hour mountain run here in NC and had zero issues. Was able to carry enough food and hydration to sustain me til the end. I also have the AK vest but I find myself using the PB vest more due to the fact that the bottle's sit lower and don't bounce around as much as they do in the AK vest. on Jun 29th 2014

    18. Customer Review

      I love my PB Adventure Vest! I've taken it on all day excursions of upwards of 40 miles. The PB Adventure Vest has excellent capacity for jackets, gloves, etc as well water, my Sawyer Mini Filter and plenty of food for however long I want to be out there. I am especially in love with all of the accessible pockets! I seldom actually stop and being able to access food and water without having to take my pack off is essential for me. The fit is comfortable, although wearing a vest does cause the front torso to be warmer and sweatier than a traditional backpack. I find this to be a fair trade off in order for me to be able to cinch my pack snug and run without it bouncing all over the place. My experiences with my pack on the PCT last year have made me exceptionally aware of what can happen with prolonged back chafe and a bouncing pack. on May 13th 2014

    19. Customer Review

      I recently purchased the PB Adventure Vest 2.0 and all I can say is that it is amazing. I do adventure races and use this pack for any race up to 12 hours long. I bought the optional water bladder and am very happy with it as well. Ultimate Direction has come out with a great pack. I'll comment again in a few months on the pack durability but my initial impression is that the pack is great and I look forward to using it more. You can check out my longer review at: under the Gear page. Leave any questions/comments you have on the pack and I'll get back with you. (4/24/2014 Update) - I have now used the Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest 2.0 while training for the past 2 months and I have used it during 2 adventure races, one was 6 hours long and the other was 10 hours long. The vest has worked flawlessly and the more I wear it, the more I love it. So far I haven't found anything wrong with it at all and it continues to exceed my expectations with regard to comfort and utility. For the 10 hour race, I strapped my rain jacket to the outside and carried a number of gel packs, cliff bars, and other snacks in the pockets. I also carried my mobile phone in a waterproof container (safety requirement). At times I wish the vest was slightly bigger, but then I would just fill it up with stuff I didn't really need. The small size makes me keep the contents down to the bare necessities and that makes me lighter and faster.I have yet to refill the internal bladder while racing because between the bladder and the external bottles I have had plenty of fluids. I imagine that summer races in Florida may drive me to refill the bladder mid-race, we'll see. So far, I have to conclude that you can not go wrong with this pack. During the races, I hardly notice that I am wearing it. The fit is perfect and it doesn't flop around like my CamelBak used to. I am 5' 10", 160lbs, medium build and wear a 38-40 jacket for size reference. I bought a M/L vest. on Apr 24th 2014

    20. Customer Review

      This vest is so small it's design function is compromised on my frame. It was delivered last week 4/15/14. I got the large I am a 40-42 jacket. The vest is at the max it's adjustable straps can open. My arms hit the bottles because they are on the side of my chest. It sounds like from reading the review the company consistently make small fitting products for the elite runners in their own community. I can not recommend this vest to anyone over 38 jacket size. on Apr 20th 2014