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  • Ultimate Direction: Jurek Essential & Grip

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Jurek Essential (2013)

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The ideal compliment to the Grip, the Jurek Essential allows you to efficiently carry - and access - a phone in a pocket, food in a stretch mesh pocket, and your valuables in a secure smaller pocket that can be re–positioned as needed.  Uber comfortable and breathable, you won't be able to tell you have it on.

Specs & Details

Perfect for running with all your essentials

  • Zippered pockets for a Phone (with case) and food
  • Velcro pocket for credit cards, license, and keys
  • 3/4 in. waist webbing with stretch panel
  • Adjustable Race Bib clips
  • Adjustable buckle fits all sizes
  • Weight: 2 oz / 57g
  • Large Pocket Size: 6.5 x 3 in / 16.5 x 7.6 cm
  • Small Pocket Size: 3.5 x 2.5 in / 8.9 x 6.3 cm
  • Fits to: 27 - 48 in / 69 - 122 cm
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    1. Customer Review

      The Jurek Essential is just right in filling the need to carry just what is minimally needed on moderate to long runs. It fits so well that I forget I have it on. The design is well thought out for comfortable running. The only thing for me was that the large expandable pocket wasn't big enough for my, I got the phone pocket that fits on the belt, and everything is fine. I highly recommend the Jurek Essential...especially for ultra runners on May 6th 2015

    2. Customer Review

      It's perfect. I've had it out on runs over four hours, stuffed full of gels and my phone, and actually forgotten I was wearing it until I remembered to take in a gel. You can't ask for anything better in a waist pack. It is first-choice gear for races that I don't need to carry enough supplies to need a full pack. on Mar 6th 2015

    3. Customer Review

      Ok so i got the jurek grip and essential belt for a trail marathon and ultra thats coming up. Im able to fit my galaxy 5 but not with out closing the either zipper all the way. no bounce but did loosen up a bit after 21 miles. Its slim and perfect for essentials. Only one thing i had an issue with a zipper so i will be contraction customer service about that issue. it was only my second use and had a small issue. other than that it was awesome. works great on Oct 31st 2014

    4. Customer Review

      I run 10ks and halfs and the Jurek Essential has everything I'm looking for. It is an extremely light weight belt with pouches to hold gu, a phone, and a key. The belt works best when full. I ran once without my phone and the belt worked its way up my stomach, but it wasn't a distraction and didn't effect my run. The water resistant pouch is just big enough for my Samsung Galaxy S5 (without case). on Sep 28th 2014

    5. Customer Review

      Perfect waist pack for carrying food, a small amount of gear (warm hat or gloves), phone, or camera. It is extremely light weight. Fit is extremely comfortable and barely notice wearing this pack when running. on Aug 14th 2014

    6. Customer Review

      Bought this recently to use in a half marathon. I had been using a waist pack with a single pocket, but I wanted one with two separate pockets - one for my phone and a second for gels. This worked great. I also liked the small pocket in the front that I used to hold lip balm. Don't even notice it while I am running. The only small issue I had was it twisting around a bit when I was running so I would have to twist it around again to put the pockets in the back. But I tightened the strap a bit more and I didn't have that issue when I ran this morning. Great product. I am going to pick up another pack that has water bottles soon since the weather is really warming up now. on Jun 9th 2014

    7. Customer Review

      Very light weight - rides high on me because of my girlie waist/hips shape and it spun around some on it's own while I was running. That really didn't bother me though - it's nice that it spins around easily so you can get to the pockets. on Apr 24th 2014

    8. Customer Review

      This is a great pack! In the past I used a small single pouch pack to hold phone, keys, and gels, but always found myself struggling to pull out gels while in the middle of a run. I also had issues with the pouch moving and twisting making it near impossible to use. I had a fellow runner tell me about this pack during a race. I found a running shop here in Atlanta that sold these packs and I've never looked back. I wear this pack for runs long and short. I can pack my iPhone, 2-3 gels, car key, and a couple dollar bills without issue and the pack stays night and stable throughout a run. I would HIGHLY recommend to any runner. on Apr 2nd 2014

    9. Customer Review

      The Essential is, well, essential. I use it for ultras in tandem with one or two bottles in the Fastdraw Plus. In the Essential, I fit electrolyte pills and caffeine (small, front pouch perfect for those), Sportslick lubricant, iPod mini, and multiple baggies of Vitargo for mixing with water at aid stations. Everything needed for 50k-50 miles fits easily. It weighs basically nothing and the engineering on the strap is very thoughtful in that the excess length tucks in easily and it does not bounce. on Mar 9th 2014

    10. Customer Review

      I LOVE this pack. It is low profile, but has enough space to load it up for a 50K race or long-ish training run. I particularly like the little pouch in the front for my salt caps or ipod shuffle. I think my favorite thing about it, however is that it sits really nicely kind of on top of my bum so it doesn't bounce at all. The keepers for the straps are an excellent refinement as well. on Mar 3rd 2014

    11. Customer Review

      This belt is very light and I hardly know I am wearing it. I use it for my ID, cash, iPhone 5, blocks and gels. My car key goes in the small front pocket. With the Jurek Grip for water, I have all I need for training for up to 13 miles. I highly recommend this belt. on Jan 8th 2014

    12. Customer Review

      Excellent pack - I have used it on every training run this fall and it allows me to carry an iPhone 5, keys, and gel packs in total comfort. You do not even know it is there. My only complaint is that the front velcro pouch is too small for anything but a single key, but I find that I do not even need it. The pouch has held up perfectly without any signs of wear. Highly recommended on Oct 22nd 2013

    13. Customer Review

      This is by far the best "utility belt" that I have tried. Plenty of space for gels, electrolytes, iPhone, and car keys. I used it in combination with the AK race vest on my last ultra, and it it was an awesome combination (thanks to Sage Canaday for the idea!). Super light weight and versatile. on Jun 9th 2013

    14. Customer Review

      I have used the Essential a couple of times. Ordered the black version. Very light weight and efficient. You could carry a lot of stuff in this pack. Used the nylon pocket for my iphone. Fits easily. Fairly waterproof as well. Got caught in a thunderstorm today and there no water in the pocket and my phone was fine. One change I would like to see is this belt offered in sizes. I am smaller and there is a lot of extra belt material hanging or flopping when the belt is connected. I have had to wrap the extra material around the belt in order to reduce the flopping. I will end up cutting the extra off and burning the end to prevent fraying. on Jun 7th 2013

    15. Customer Review

      Finally a way to carry my phone and some food without feeling like I'm carrying my phone and some food. Very light and compact and easy to forget it's there at all. Nice that I don't need to use a ziplock bag for my phone too. Love it! on May 25th 2013