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Jurek Endure

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Ounce per ounce, the Jurek Endure does more than any other waist pack.  Scott wanted twin bottles because they balance the load, and you can use one for water and the other for your sports drink mix. One can quickly stash a windshell, gloves, and even a hat into the stretch mesh pocket and innovative bungee system, and the movable front pocket allows you to whip out a bar or gel without breaking stride.

Specs & Details

The smallest and easiest way to carry everything

  • Two 10 oz bottles included
  • Bottle holsters are stiffened with lightweight foam for quick access
  • Front pocket is sweat resistant and moveable, with foam backing
  • 3/4 in. waist webbing with stretch panel
  • Movable Race Bib clips
  • Adjustable buckle fits all sizes
  • Weight: 6 oz / 163g
  • Pocket Size: 6.5 x 3 in / 16.5 x 7.6 cm
  • Pouch Size: 4 x 4 in / 10.2 x 10.2 cm
  • Fits to: 26 - 44 in / 66 - 112 cm
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    1. Delivered big on my first 30k!

      I bought this in preparation for my first 30k trail run because it was a no-cup event. I went with this waistpack due to price and also because I already own a backpack hydration system, but it leaves my shoulders sore after long runs (besides the vest- and backpack-type systems I didn't want to go with a handheld because it throws off my rhythm). So, I'm happy to say, I'm very pleased with this purchase: having two 10oz bottles offered me the right amount of liquid between aid stations, and the front pocket fit my iPhone 6 (I had to remove my 6's protective case to fit it in the front pocket, but it fit nonetheless--a 6+ would not fit in the front pocket.)

      At the stating line then I had my waist pack loaded with 10oz of water, 10oz of nuun, my race bib conveniently secured to my side, two mini Larabars, my car key carabiner'd to the bungie cord, and a mini ziplock with chocolate-covered espresso beans. All of this snugly cinched up on my waist, did wonders during the run: no chaffing, no bouncing, no agitation of any kind. When I needed a snack I easily slid the back section towards the front, removed my snack, ate, stuffed the wrapper in the velcroed pocket, and slid the bottle/pocket section back behind me again with my phone in front, all without breaking stride.

      If I had one complaint it would be that the fasteners for attaching the race bib move freely, so unless you safety pin them to the waist belt (which would hamper your ability to slide stuff around to access while running), the race bib tends to fold so that left and right fasteners walk to meet each other leaving the bib folded in half. Now, this is by far not that big of a deal and can be avoided altogether by shouting your race number to the guy with the clipboard, but still, it is a criticism, and probably my only criticism given the solid construction and ease of use that this lightweight waist pack offers.

      Nice work UD, you guys got this one dialed!
      on Mar 6th 2016

    2. Great!

      This running belt is great! I'm a bigger guy right around 210lbs and 15% percent body fat and it gives me no problems. The belt sits perfectly in place with no bouncing whatsoever. Usually I drink from one side first and even though the other bottle is completely full it feels like I have nothing on my back. The pocket is big enough for my Samsung S5 and I can fit my keys securely with the back stretch pocket. Overall great product! on Feb 3rd 2016

    3. Customer Review

      Lightweight and the dual 10 oz. bottles provides enough hydration for 8 to 10 miles. Hardly noticeable and ample storage space up front. I normally carry my phone and a couple gels. Great belt for mid distance runs. on Jun 14th 2015

    4. Customer Review

      I am generally satisfied with this belt, however, an improvement would be to make the little plastic tabs on the shock cords bigger. When your hands are sweaty or wet, finding and securing the water bottles can be problematic. I would give the belt a four-star rating overall. on Jul 31st 2014

    5. Customer Review

      used on my first half marathon today. it worked extremely well, bottles were easy to slide in and out. in the pouch i carried two gels, the zipper was easy to open and close. would recommend to anyone looking for a belt. on Jul 3rd 2014

    6. Customer Review

      I tried many waist packs over the years but never liked one enough to stick with it until the Jurek Endure. I love everything about this belt. Even running at 7min/mile and below it does not bounce around at all. I used it in my last race for 20 miles without any issues of chaffing etc. and it was pretty warm that day. 5 Stars from me for the Jurek Endure. on Apr 23rd 2014

    7. Customer Review

      The bottles work great. No leaking and close with a click that you can hear. Design is excellent. No issues carrying 2 filled bottles plus iPhone plus small wallet. Almost forget that you have it with you...until you really need water! Probably will buy a back-up. on Apr 11th 2014

    8. Customer Review

      I have been using this belt for 10 months on longer runs. It took some time to get adjusted to initially, but now I hardly notice it. I agree with the reviewer who mentioned tightening it before your run and again a few minutes in. It is light-weight, durable and has just enough space for a few gels, headlamp and car key. on Mar 23rd 2014

    9. Customer Review

      I have been using the Endure for approximately one month. I love the way it rides with no bounce. However the front pouch has begun to tear on the seam. I have emailed Ultimate Direction twice with no response and I have left 2 voicemails for Justin Keller (sp) at the 800 phone number with no response. I really like the products and I would like to do business with Ultimate Direction, but when the customer service appears this poor, then I will vote with my $ by going somewhere else. UPDATE: Justin contacted me. He was extremely apolgetic explaining there was a breakdown in their communication system. He has called and emailed numerous times even sent a replacement Endure before talking to me. UPDATE: After almost six months and more than 700 miles, the Endure is still in great shape. I wear it on all my runs no matter the length. It rides on my waist so well, I rarely notice it. I purchased 2 Amphipod 12 oz bottles to swap out for the longer runs & with a little coaxing they fit in the 10oz holsters. This is by far my favorite hydration belt and I have used plenty - Ultraspire, Fuel Belt, Nathan & Amphipod. The only change I would like to see is a slightly larger pocket for my iPhone 5. on Jan 29th 2014

    10. Customer Review

      I absolutely love everything about this pack with one exception, one of the bottles leaks rather badly. This is the only issue I've had with UD bottles, and I've used a lot over the years. Everything else, is best-in-class as far as I am concerned. No bounce, well-balanced, great storage and featherweight. Only a leaky bottle prevents me from rating it 5 stars. on Oct 21st 2013

    11. Customer Review

      Hands down the best hydration belt out there! The ENDURE is super lightweight, balanced, and so comfortable you barely feel it on your body. The pouch that fits the side or front of the belt easily holds an iPhone and other essentials. To obtain the best fit and most comfortable ride, I recommend tightening the belt within the first few minutes of your run and tightening the waist strap while you are running. I do not normally write reviews but this product impressed me so much that I felt the need to let others know what an outstanding hydration belt this is. Job well done Ultimate Direction! on Sep 28th 2013

    12. Customer Review

      I spent a lot of time researching online to find a new running water pack before selecting this one. I am very happy with my decision. The pack is extremely lightweight and, as other reviewers have remarked, you really don't even feel as if you have anything around your waist! I've had other water packs that I've felt and have moved around during my runs. I think the difference for this one is that the "belt" around your waist is not entirely made of the flexible fabric. They have, ingeniously I think, only about 2 inches of the flexible fabric on the "belt" and this may account for the extreme comfort. It doesn't move around either. I also really love the placement of the zippered pouch. It's very convenient during runs to just reach in & take what you need. My only fault is that the bottles themselves are not insulated and therefore do not keep my fluids cold. This was a complaint I had with my old pack. I knew this going into this purchase, but couldn't seem to find one pack that met all of my specifications for comfort, design, and insulated packs. I do not regret the purchase one bit, however. I just add some ice to my water & deal with warm(er) Gatorade on my long runs. *On a side note I just finished reading Scott Jurek's 'Eat & Run' book & I'm happy that I supported a product in which he's associated! on Aug 16th 2013

    13. Customer Review

      Love it! It arrived the night before a half marathon and I know they say "nothing new on race day", but I'm glad I broke that rule! I have sensory issues with clothing and things around my waist, so I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this was! I barely realized it was there, except when I was huffing up a hill and wanted a cool drink, or when I was able to skip the aide stations and keep on going. I would highly recommend this! I can't wait to try more products. on Aug 14th 2013

    14. Customer Review

      Super light weight and balanced, you can barely feel the thing on your waist. This was exactly what I was looking for. I have been using this with both water bottles filled and a bar and Gu in the pouch. The entire belt stays tight to your body and does not bounce around like some of the belts I have used in the past. This was a great purchase, it is priced about the same for similar belts put gives more bang for the buck. on May 30th 2013