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  • Ultimate Direction Groove System: Stereo Belt

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Groove Stereo

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Get into your groove! Reduce bouncing and chafing with our unique soft bottle carry system! Also available with bottles.

Specs & Details

  • AirRip mesh dual compression waist belt provides secure and breathable fit
  • MonoRipTM mesh back panel conforms to your body
  • iPhone 6 Plus compatible
  • Flip up front velcro pocket
  • Weight: 4.5 oz. / 130g
  • Capacity: 177 in3 / 2.9 L
  • Size (XS/SM): 22-33 in. / 56-84 cm
  • Size (MD/LG): 31-40 in. / 80-104 cm


  • AirRip Mesh: Lightweight, breathable mesh harness for all-day comfort
  • MonoRip Mesh: Breathable, non-stretch, and hydrophobic - this lightweight monofilament mesh is ideal for bounce-free load carrying
  • 4-way PowerStretch Woven: A spandex-enhanced stretch woven for secure carry and great looks
  • 70D Nylon Ripstop: The perfect balance between weight and durability, our 70D nylon is PU coated for waterproofness and strength
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    1. No longevity

      I use this with body bottles and use it for its intended purpose. After about 150 miles of marathon training (about 8 runs) the back side that sits against body has two holes in it. There is a worn hole behind where each bottle sits so it is apparently due to pulling the bottles in and out. I only use this for runs 16 miles and over.

      This is a great product and has been the best waist belt to carry 2 500ml bottles that I have used. However, with the cost of it I can not replace it every 150 miles or every 8 runs as I run close to 2200 per year.

      Purchase Date: 5/19/2017
      on Oct 23rd 2017

    2. One of the best running belts

      I run with a dog. I needed separate spaces for dog treats, water for us both, doggy bags, keys and an Iphone 6+.
      Everything fits into this belt. The belt is not elastic, so it won't bounce despite the weight and it is not bulgy. It is reflective for night runs. I love it.
      on Sep 19th 2017

    3. Perfect setup

      Love this belt It works great for adventures where I know I won't need to bring lots of extra layers. I normally throw my MSR trail shot filter in the back pocket. Works great for races where I want 2 bottle instead of a single handheld. Throw some nutrition up front and a lightweight jacket in the back. My large Salomon Bontti fits easily in the rear zipper pocket. I use 2 Ultraspire soft flasks and they fit easily and don't bounce. Front pocket setup holds a 4 serving trail butter, iPhone 6, keys and salt tabs.

      -Rear bungees limit how much you can fit in the rear pocket and are not removable on either end.
      on Jun 28th 2017

    4. 6 Week Followup...

      I've been running w/ this for the last 6 weeks and it is without a doubt the best hydration belt I've ever had. The wide Velcro belt (no buckles) is extremely comfortable and adjustable. Many of you probably know this already, but for trail runs less than 6 miles (in Arizona, in winter) I only need one bottle of water. So I move the belt around my waist so the soft bottle is in the middle of my back. Because of the wide belt, it's super comfortable. Just a suggestion, imagine a small Velcro pouch, upfront, (across the product line) the size of say, a chapstick! I know, I'm a genius. :) Best Regards and great job to the UD team! Chris on Dec 18th 2016

    5. Nearly Perfect

      I really like the Groove Stereo - very comfortable, little to no bouncing, easily adjustable on the fly. Lots of useful space. Unfortunately I have to take off two stars because, like another reviewer below, mine has a hole worn through on the right side bottle pocket, and the left side is nearly abraded through. This after ~ 3 months of regular (2-3 times/week) use. I am using the UD body bottles exclusively - seems like the material is just not very durable long term. I have to use duct tape over the hole, which seems to work for now. But the durability vs. price has me questioning the overall value. on Dec 3rd 2016

    6. This is the best!

      I love this...UD is the "Apple" of running gear. Great product design w/ continual product improvements. Just received the Groove Stereo and went on a 7 mile trail run in Sedona, AZ. It is the best hydration belt I've tried. Very, very comfortable. A great mix of padding and net materials. I have 2 of the soft UD bottles and they worked great. No bounce of any kind/ Also, plenty of pockets up front for iPhone, chapstick, sunglasses, Goo, and a couple of handy-wipes. I especially like the velcro strap instead of buckles. I have the Go To race vest (which is great), the AMP hand-handheld and now the Groove Stereo. I keep them all packed with my stuff so I can just grab and go. I really recommend the Groove Stereo (and the vests). You won't be disappointed! :) P.S. Some have complained the soft bottles are harder to use as they get less and less water in them...I drink from them and then blow some air back in to keep them inflated so they are easy to get in and out of their pouches. Water does not seem to "slosh" too much. They are so soft next to your hips they seem to add to the comfort. I will never run w/ hard bottles again. Anyway, hope this helps. Best Regards, Chris on Nov 2nd 2016

    7. It's great, but...

      To be perfectly fair, I've run more than 700 miles in this thing since I got it five or six months ago. It's replaced the AK Vest as my go to for races. It comfortable, has plenty of room, but isn't over sized, it doesn't bounce, I could go on and on singing its praises. But...

      I've worn a hole in it behind the right bottle pouch. Could be because I use the "hard" bottles instead of the soft ones. I've had durability issues with the soft bottles, so I avoid them. Since it's probably my fault for using this thing wrong, I'll still give it four stars. But fair warning to anyone else who wants to use this with the hard bottles.
      on Jul 25th 2016

    8. Best Ive tried.

      Got this for long runs when I don't need the capacity of a vest. This thing is great. 2 bottles and plenty of storage. Very comfortable, good fit and no bounce. Very secure. You don't even know you have it on while out runnners. Bought it with the body plus bottles-these things are great. This is the best waist belt I've ever tried. Plan on using this instead of a vest for the Habanero Hundred. Bottom line-this bad boy is awesome. You'll never use your other belt. I donated mine to a fellow runner. on Jun 29th 2016

    9. This is the One!!!

      The most comfortable hydration I have ever owned. Love the soft bottles and there is plenty of storage for my other goodies. Other belts twisted and came loose. This belt fits secure and feels good. As an Arizona runner, I need to carry a lot of water but did not want a vest. This belt allows me to carry enough water for long runs. I am planning to order the mono belt which I understand will allow me to carry more water!! Thank you Ultimate Direction. on Mar 1st 2016

    10. Almost perfect!

      The feel and fit of this unit is great, and it is well-endowed. I bought the soft bottles to go with it, so I wouldn't get banged around all the time. At age 58, I am running again for the first time since shattering an ankle in 2004, and after half a dozen 5Ks ad a couple of 10K, and a practice 7.3 mile run, I am now planning on and SIGNED UP FOR my first ever 10 mile trail run and so needed more water that my pack could hold. This is ALMOST perfect, because I would love it if it had a way to attach two SMALLER flasks, say 5-6 oz, on the front for easy access. Being older and less flexible, it is awkward trying to pull a bottle for the pack without slowing down or stopping to do so. I am not a super competitive racer or runner or rider for that matter, but would love to have easy access to s swig now and then. That said, not on;y is this a great pack for probably up to about 10 miles, but i plan to try it out on my 25 and 30 mile endurance rides on my horses! This pack is MUCH lighter and less constrictive than the pack I rode with about 25 years ago, so I think this will work great, since it is nice to know that if you go off your horse at mile 27, you will have water, a snack and perhaps your phone ON you instead on the horse who is probably galloping away at that point. Well built pack and the zippers work well. Love the tugs on the bottle pockets too. Overall, excellent pack! Can't WAIT to try it for real in Lone Pine this May! on Feb 20th 2016

    11. This could be the one!

      Only two runs with this so far but I'm really impressed. I have a number of running belts and all have left me disappointed. The groove has just enough storage space (rain jacket, gu), can handle my oversized phone and hold two water bottles (I use regular plastic water bottles). The groove is super light and can be fitted snug without any loosening along the way. Also, experienced no irritating bounce with two full bottles. on Feb 10th 2016