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Fastdraw™ 10

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The Fastdraw™ 10 is lightweight for runners who want a more minimal feel, but still offers room to carry keys, cards, or gels. The ergonomically shaped bottles form to any hand, allowing for efficient movement and complete comfort. There are also reflective strips for added safety while running at dawn or dusk. No matter the distance, the soft and adjustable Air Mesh strap keeps hands dry and secure against the bottle for all day comfort.

Specs & Details

Perfectly proportioned for everyone, everyday.
  • Ergonomically shaped bottle for easy drinking and easy holding
  • Cool Wick Air Mesh strap is soft to the touch, breathable and wicks moisture
  • Soft and thin chafe-free edge binding
  • Easy access pocket for keys, card, and gel
  • Adjustable hand tension strap
  • Weight: 2 oz. / 60g
  • Capacity: 11 in3 / 0.18 L
  • Fluid: 10 oz. / 0.3 L
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      I have had a number of handheld water bottles, and this is, by far, the best. Not only does it "cup" nicely in the palm of my hand as I run, it is the easiest one I've had to adjust the snugness of it around my head mid-run. Sometimes one's hand swells as you run, so it can be loosened a tad without much effort, as well as tightened if it feels too loose. I do wish it had the type of sipping mechanism where you didn't have to open the top (pull) to take a sip, but, that said, it opens easily and closes just as easily. The zip compartment holds a key and id/credit card easily - even a key fob fits. And, the mesh Ultimate Direction uses is the lightest I've found, so I don't find my hand getting excessively hot or sweaty. I have the FD10, but I will likely get a slightly larger one to get me through the rest of the summer heat and humidity. Excellent water bottle option, especially for short runs. on Jun 17th 2014