Crystal Seaver


Signature Athlete
North Carolina

Crystal loves a good challenge, a hard mountain climb and life adventure [especially those experienced on foot]. She started running in post college days [or daze] and hated it. But, she likes a challenge - so she kept going, one step at a time. After almost dying [exaggeration necessary] on her first 6 mile trail run, she was in - all in. There’s something about doing hard things that makes this ultra running love really great. Since that point, Crystal can check off 50ks, 50s, 100 miles and the Georgia Death Race. She can also highlight fun runs, a DNF or two, and a lot of training time with really good company. That’s the important part - the people, the heart, the grit.

These days you will find her settling in North Carolina, teaching fitness, walking the dogs, enjoying all the best coffee spots, and balancing this crazy thing called life with her family.

In Crystal's Gear Room

athleteprofilepage-gearroomsmain-racevesta.jpg Race Vesta 4.0
athleteprofilepage-gearroomssmall-clutch.jpg Clutch 
athleteprofilepage-gearroomssmall-breezew3.jpg Women's Breeze Shell