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  • Ultimate Direction: Body Bottle Plus

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Body Bottle Plus

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It's time to try a bigger soft bottle. The new Body Bottle Plus is larger - with a capacity of up to 17 oz of fluid - yet still fits into all of our vests. The lid now has a lock option and a much bigger opening, allowing you to easily add ice cubes or powdered energy mix. Super comfortable, the soft flask conforms to your body - reduces sloshing, bouncing, and rubbing!

Specs & Details

  • Clear - you can see how much fluid is left
  • Collapsible - is only as large as the liquid being carried
  • Pliable - conforms to any shape
  • Cleanable - can be placed in dishwasher
  • Hi-Flow Bite Valve
1.4 oz / 34g

Fluid Capacity:
17 oz / 503 mL

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    1. Great Bottle

      The Body Bottle and Plus are the only bottles I use now. Leak free, durable, and pack down to the size of the cap. Perfection! on Jan 4th 2017

    2. Great product!

      Love these soft bottles! Works perfectly for me. on Sep 29th 2016

    3. I finally tried the soft bottle and I'm mostly happy with them.

      First of all, oh boy these are comfy on the chest compared to the hard bottles. And they seem to work well although I've only run them for about 9 hours. Suggestions for UD- While it is true the wide mouth accepts ice cubes, it is not true that they accept most ice cubes. The mouth of the hard bottle is much closer to a normal ice cube size and were easier to get cubes in and to dump drink mix in without making a mess. Second, at 17 oz each, We're down 6 oz per pair in my vest. I wish these could be the full 20 oz each as the hard bottles. Every drop counts when you are out there. I find that these easily fit into the holders on my 2016 Hard Rocker vest and there appears to be adequate space if these were slightly bigger to still fit in the vest. There most be some manufacturing limitation otherwise I'm not sure why all soft bottles have been reduced in volume from the 20oz standard. I like these for sure, more than I thought I would. But the two suggestions above would make the awesome. on Sep 13th 2016

    4. Amazing hydration bottle

      Easy to hydrate with no leaks. Fits into any UD pack and soft plastic means no chafing anywhere. Great invention for an endurance runner. on Jul 29th 2016

    5. Best soft flask bottle for vest or hand-held

      I love these Body Bottle soft bottles! I won't go back to hard-plastic bottles after using these. They are easy to fill and drink from; they eliminate sloshing water noise since they collapse on themselves as the amount of liquid reduces; they feel more comfortable against my body in the holster; and as they empty and collapse, they create more pocket space. I use them mainly in my Ultra Vesta -- two in the holsters up front, and on a hot day, a third shoved into the back mesh pocket; and I recently discovered they also work well with Ultimate Direction's AMP and Clutch handhelds. on Jun 8th 2016

    6. Great Water Bottle

      The Body Bottle Plus is my first experience with a soft bottle and I'm a full convert from the hard bottles with the kicker valves (which work great too). It fits nicely in the front pockets of both my SJ Ultra Vest 2.0 and my Fastpack 20. I recommend this product without reservation. If you are running with a vest, these are the bottles that should be in your pockets. on Jun 8th 2016

    7. Better then the Kicker

      Just purchased two Body Bottle Pluses. I have always used the Kicker 20 oz. bottles in the SJ Vest. Never had any problems and they worked well for both training runs and races. The BBP is much better. Easier to get that much need H20 in while on the run. No problems leaking in a race vest or the Mono belt even without locking the top. The opening is large enough to fill easily and quickly and to dump some Tailwind in during a reload. Very happy with the BBP. on May 25th 2016

    8. Excellent Customer Service!!!

      I bought one body bottle plus when they were first launched. The bottle is amazing. Super lightweight!! And as you drink the bladder bottle collapses into itself so it can easily be stashed anywhere! I have dropped it multiple times on a rocky wash trail. Watching in horror as it bounced from rock to rock. Amazed at how resilient the bottle is as it survived each time. The scratches have all but disappeared with time.

      I always leave the bottle in the locked position when I have the bottle stowed in a bag/pocket. Before I start my run I make sure my bottle is unlocked and all is good to go. If I need to pull one out of a stowed location bag/pocket/vest and it's locked. The mantra I have been brought up since childhood takes over, "Righty tighty (Locked), Lefty loosy (Unlocked)", then I am good to go again.

      IMO I love the locking feature. If it's locked it then there is no chance of it leaking when stowed.

      I liked it so much I ordered another one to bring with for longer adventures. It still comes with me on every adventure to this very day; I even swapped it out for the bottle that came with the Amp handheld that I recently added to my collection.

      Customer Service is excellent!!! The second bottle I had ordered had gone on a few shorter runs with me. Substituting in while old faithful Bertha (yes I named my first body bottle plus, she deserves a name) was being clean and dried. On about the fourth run with my new bottle the mouthpiece separated from the lid and in spectacular fashion shot up into the air and everywhere. Great laughs and times were had.

      While I was looking up warranty information on the website I found the link that allows you to submit a warranty claim. Took a few pictures from my smart phone. Uploaded them and submitted. Got a response right away notifying me they received the submission. Got a second notification when they shipped me the replacement lid.
      Again great Customer service!!
      on Mar 15th 2016

    9. Valve broken at first use

      First things first - the bottle is great. It fits perfectly and feel very comfortable in my UD Race vest. Definitely preferred over the kicker bottles. The large opening makes it easy to fill. Love at first sight!

      I dont see why the lock is necessary - and that leads to the main problem. The top of the lid broke the first time I used the bottle. Two small tabs is broken off and the top of the lid is now loose.

      The bottle would earn a four to five star rating, but at the moment I am concerned with quality issues when the small tabs break off at first use.
      on Feb 22nd 2016

    10. Customer Review

      I have a love/hate relationship with this thing. The bottle is great. I love how comfortable it is in my vest. I like the valve. I want to give this thing five stars. But... First, the lock is kind of unnecessary. No big deal, but it can be a pain when you have to take your eye off the trail to see what's up with the bottle. Second, the valve on one of mine broke. I don't know when or how, but the tabs that hold the valve on the cap broke off at some point. I discovered this about five or 10 miles int a 100 miler when I tried to drink from my bottle, the valve blew off of it, and I sprayed Tailwind in my eye. For those of you who run in bear country, Tailwind is probably just as effective as bear spray. The five or six miles I stumbled down the trail in the dark with one eye is the reason I can't give this thing five stars. To be fair, I did let my son use it a few days before the race and eight-year-old boys are experts at breaking things. on Oct 28th 2015

    11. Customer Review

      The body bottle plus is similar to the original body bottle but offers several notable improvements. The most significant change is the wider opening. This makes the bottle easier (and faster) to fill without accidentally spilling water. The larger opening also can accommodate ice cubes. The slightly greater capacity is also useful, and does not impact the way the bottles fit in UD vest front pockets. The increased capacity is especially useful for any race that requires carrying a certain amount of water since two body bottle plus' exceed 1L carrying capacity (not the case for the original body bottle). Personally I find the locking cap not particularly useful, though this may come in handy for certain situations. Overall the body bottle plus provides the same benefits as the original body bottle in terms of increased comfort when used with the UD vests. Given the additional features, I feel that the body bottle plus is a significantly improved version of the body bottle and plan to use it instead of the original body bottle. on Mar 12th 2015