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  • Ultimate Direction Groove System: Amp Soft Bottle Handheld

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Crank it up with the AMP - the fastest and lightest handheld ever

Specs & Details

  • Unique "Vector Strap" allows multiple hand positions
  • Secure key pocket
  • Gel pouches on the sides
  • Cross bungee allows easy bottle removal
  • Weight: 2.5 oz. / 72g
  • Capacity: 43 in3 / .7 L


  • AirRip Mesh: Lightweight, breathable mesh harness for all-day comfort
  • 4-way PowerStretch Woven: A spandex-enhanced stretch woven for secure carry and great looks
  • 70D Nylon Ripstop: The perfect balance between weight and durability, our 70D nylon is PU coated for waterproofness and strength
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    1. Great hand hold water system

      Took a while to get used to holding something in my hand, but after 6 miles it felt great in my hand. Very easy to switch hands and plenty of space for gels and key on the bottom. on Sep 26th 2017

    2. light weight no bulk way for all your fuel

      I'm a huge fan of the collapsable bottles because they are so easy to run with. Now I can throw in a could gels and be out for a couple hours with everything I need in hand. on Aug 28th 2017

    3. Best handheld I have used

      Plenty of room for keys and gels. Comfortable. Almost feels like it isn't there on Jun 10th 2017

    4. Disappointed

      Maybe it's just me, but I've found it not comfortable at all.
      I've tried to hold it in different ways with the strip very tight, loose and everything in between, it didn't help, always have the feeling that the bottle was falling off my hand.
      Another thing, the bottle has a strong smell of chemicals (and the water tastes chemicals).
      Very disappointed
      on Oct 20th 2016

    5. Favorite ever.

      I will never use another handheld water bottle beside this one. Ever. I love this so much! Huge pockets, easy to hold, stays cold, easy to clean... Just perfection. It makes holding a hard bottle seem like a pain after using this. Once you go UD soft bottle, you never go back... on Sep 17th 2016

    6. Groove System Rocks

      I bought the entire Ultimate Direction Groove System (AMP, Mono belt, and Stereo belt) in May for my fall marathon's summer training. It gets hot and very humid in Southwestern Pennsylvania, so I opted to go with the Groove system because I thought they'd be cooler than the vests. I bought the entire system for a few reasons--I have a big cell phone, I'm not a fast runner and like the idea of having extra water with me, and a few others. Here's what I've learned about these products after three months of long, medium, and short runs.

      The AMP:
      Yes, it takes a few runs to get used to to what another reviewer called the "soggy baguette" feeling of a half full bottle. The body bottles are soft and have no structure when they are empty. However, after 3 or 4 runs I really didn't notice a problem. I adjusted to the feel and it's no longer a problem. I like the ability to strap the AMP to my hand with the "X" shaped straps on the back; however, as the bottle is consumed, I find that I don't use the straps and move the bottle from my right to left hand as I go. Whatever is comfortable. Again, I love a handheld and feel strange running outside without one--even take one with me on 5K's! The two pockets on the outside are about the size of a gel pack each and there's a small velcro pocket on the bottom big enough for a few electrolyte capsules. I don't use gels, and since the side pockets don't have closures, I really don't use them for anything. I have put my car key in the side pocket and clipped it to one of the bottle straps for fear of loosing it.

      So, for the AMP--I love it.

      The MONO Belt:
      I bought this belt because I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It's a big phone, but when you add the case, it's even bigger. The description of the Mono says it's iPhone 6 Plus compatible (which is about the same size as my Samsung) so I bought the belt more for carrying my phone than carrying water. It fits great, doesn't bounce and has a small velcro pouch on the right side that holds my car key perfect--I think it's meant for electrolyte capsules. The zippered pocket is moisture proof will hold my phone outside of the phone case. It won't fit with the case on. However, the outside pouch that's meant for the water bottle holds my phone perfect. If there's a slight chance of rain, I put my phone in a zip lock bag ad don't worry about it. The front part of the belt can be swapped out for the front part of the Stereo belt that has pockets and creates a new system. I use the combined system occasionally because my phone does fit in the front pocket of the Stereo and I can carry an extra bottle of water in the Mono portion.

      So, the Mono--I love it.

      The STEREO:
      I bought the Stereo with the bottles. My older, rigid UD bottles will fit in the Stereo without a problem, but I liked the idea of the Body Bottles fitting up against me and reducing bounce. The Body Bottles aren't cheap by themselves, and there's a definite cost savings buying the belt with the bottles. The belt fits well and doesn't bounce. My phone fits in the front zipper pocket, albeit a snug fit, but it fits without fear of damaging the belt. The front pouch also has two pouches that would be great for gels or such. I use one for my electrolyte capsules and the other is usually empty. The back portion of the belt holds two body bottles and has a zippered pouch that will hould a fair amount for a belt. I put a 300 ml soft flask with my nutrition in this pouch on my long runs and it fits without a problem. When my hand held is empty, I blow it up with air and swap it out for a full bottle from the Stereo--blowing it up makes it easier to get in and out of the belt. On my really long runs, three bottles aren't enough, so I have to plan having a place to fill up my empties--a water fountain, convenience store, or even circling back to my truck.

      So, the Stereo belt--You guessed it.... I love it.

      I really can't find anything about the Groove system that I don't like. The bottles do warm up pretty fast (I'm guessing it's because of the thin nature of the bottle and lack of insulation,) but since I only put water in them it hasn't been an issue.

      Hope this review helps you in your decision!!!
      on Aug 15th 2016

    7. No more uncomfortable water belt!

      I have always stayed away from handheld water bottles because of bulk and water slosh. I had wondered how long it was going to take for someone to make this. Absolutely love it. Thanks UD! on Jul 13th 2016

    8. First handheld I've got on with

      I've tried a few handhelds before but always found them awkward. I bought the Amp mainly as a way to get as second Body Bottle to fit into my V1 SJ Ultra Vest, but also because I was curious to try out a soft flssk handheld.

      I'm glad I did! I'm just back from using it on a long training run and I hardly knew it was there. The holster has plenty of storage space for nutrition and a door key or some electrolyte tablets fit well in the security pocket. Nice work UD.
      on May 20th 2016

    9. Great Fit

      I love the new squeeze bottle tops (or new to me) easy to get water. Love the bottle. Love the big pockets on the side. Comfortable for gripping. Easy for holding gels etc. You can hold this one of a thousand ways with the new strap ideas. My only issue is if you think your key fob will fit in the H2O proof bottom pocket...probably won't. A house key maybe and salt tabs yes. on May 18th 2016

    10. The AMP Is a Must Have!

      When I saw the previews for the AMP, I knew I had to have one! I now have a monogrammed handheld!

      What has impressed me the most with the AMP is the various ways it can be carried. The bottle simply becomes an extension of your arm.

      The small pocket on the bottom of the pocket is perfect for a few electrolyte capsules, with the side pockets easily carrying 4 gels.

      Definitely a "must have" handheld!
      on Mar 8th 2016

    11. Perfect Handheld!!!

      A great little handheld that is super lightweight with pockets to store your essentials (e.g. keys, ID, smaller phone, etc.).

      What I love most about it is that it conforms to your hand when you strap your hand in. And the straps allow you to really have a snug fit. When the bottles are empty they take almost no space at all. I pull the empty bottle out and replace it with a full one from my vest.

      It's great for short runs and compliments my SJ Vest on my long runs. I think I will be adding a Mono to my collection soon.

      Thank you UD for another great product.
      on Mar 3rd 2016