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  • Ultimate Direction: The Runner's Collection

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Access 20 Plus

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The Access 20 Plus belt is just like the Access 20, but includes an extra phone pocket and gel flask. It's the perfect place to stash all the essentials for your workout, whether you choose to take the road or the trail. Just reach back to get to the 20oz bottle, secure yet effortlessly accessible in the bottle cage. The back pocket keeps all your fuel at your fingertips, ready to power you through the miles and toward that next PR.

Specs & Details

Versatility for the runner that likes to change things up.
  • Semi-flexible angled cage with flared top for easy bottle access
  • TPU backed bottle sleeve for friction fit
  • Smartphone compatible pocket conveniently holds food and valuables
  • Lightweight, streamlined design
  • Removable accessory pocket and gel flask holder
  • Weight: 9 oz. / 260g
  • Capacity: 67 in3 / 1.1 L
  • Fluid: Bottle: 20 oz. / 0.6 L & Gel Flask: 4 oz. / 0.12 L 
  • Height: 8.5 in. / 21 cm
  • Width: 20 in. / 50 cm
  • Depth: 4 in. / 10 cm
  • Fits to: 14 - 45 in. / 35.5 - 114 cm
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    1. Customer Review

      I was disappointed when my Access 20 Plus belt arrived. The front pouch was too small to hold the iPhone 6 Plus with a case on it. Access to the larger back pouch and even the water bottle was a challenge. My older Ultimate Direction single bottle running belt is far more accessible when it comes to the rear pouch which is large enough to hold everything including my 6 plus and the bottle is easier to access. I will give the Access 20 Plus to my 11 year old son to use for his Junior High Cross Country season coming up. I will work with the old pack. I wish I could buy the older pack someone but it looks as if Ultimate Direction no longer sells it. on Jul 8th 2015

    2. Customer Review

      I waited until I'd run with this thing for at least 200 total miles before writing a review, so here it goes. Overall, I really want to love this belt. At first glance, it appears to be designed very well. The phone pouch is a good size, and sits in the right spot. The gel flask is a nice feature that I've definitely put to use. Maybe a crazy thought on that, but how about a slightly larger opening so it can be used for thicker "gels" like nut butters? Now for the bad. The bottle bounces, sometimes (particularly when full) almost out of the cage. I've had to catch mine a couple time right before it dropped to the trail. The little band will hold it in there, but that's kind of a pain to have to do every time you want to use the bottle. Either way, it still bounces. There is a spot on the inside of the belt towards the top of the cage that rubs the small of my back raw if I run with no shirt. Given that I almost always run with no shirt, this is a problem. The only way I can avoid this is by cinching down on the straps until it is almost uncomfortably tight. The problem with making the belt so tight is the pocket in the back becomes pretty much unusable. It's nice to have the clip for my house key, so I use it for that. But anything thicker than said key can be tough to shoehorn in there, particularly if you're trying to do it on the fly. Now to get downright petty. There is a plastic piece that cinches the compression straps on the back pouch that feels an awful lot like the plastic tab on the zipper for that pouch. I've spent a good deal of time fumbling around trying to figure out which is which as this has to be done by feel when running, since it's behind your back. Like I said, I really want to like this thing, I think there is a lot of potential here, but there are some issues that need to be resolved. For the price, it's a little disappointing to be rubbed raw, have bottles falling out, and have a pocket that's darn near just decoration. on Jun 24th 2015

    3. Customer Review

      I have used the Access 20 to run supported trail races of 26, 31 and 40 miles, and found it works pretty well for me. The water bottle is easily accessible, and at least for me, there is not the "bouncy bottle" issues that others report. The belt is quite comfortable, and I have no issues with it riding up, or rotating during the run. The cell phone pouch is great for my iphone (tight fit, but accessible), and I can retrieve it for pictures during the run without much effort. The larger pocket holds a few gels, some salt tablets and emergency toilet paper -- but it is not real accessible without coming to a compete stop. I have tried a dozen different belts, and the Access 20 is my favorite. on Apr 29th 2015

    4. Customer Review

      I've run 26km (12 + 14) with Access 20 plus ground + asphalt, in Malloco, Chile this is my assessment: main problem bouncy running I would give more horizontal tilt the bottle to avoid bouncing running when you're tired at the end of the race is hard sucking water, evaluate change the valve. if the valve is left out splashing water running. fingers carved into the bottle makes no sense because when you run you take the bottle anywhere. pros pocket perfect for cell the perfect removable pockets Paste basket of the bottle is a good idea to provide security color (teal) Perfect recommendations: increase horizontal inclination of the bottle evaluate elasticated belt for perfect fit at the waist evaluate elasticated cord to hold the bottle with more security (trail running), see ciberdyer belt in on Jan 4th 2015

    5. Customer Review

      I've been very happy with this belt for long runs because I can fit my iPhone, fuel in the flask, and jacket plus other essentials in the pocket. It doesn't bounce either! on Jul 27th 2014

    6. Customer Review

      Works great for me, for how I use it. This is great for my "long" runs (4-8mi), and beats anything else I used before. The removable gel, phone pocket, and race bib clips are an awesome feature. The belt is very comfortable, and doesn't chafe me at all (unlike cheaper ones I've tried). Enough room for the water, phone, and a few other supplies. Definitely a winner in my book. on Jul 23rd 2014

    7. Customer Review

      This belt's one flaw, makes it the worst belt I've used so far :(. It rides up!!! So annoying! The water bottle, even with the elastic on, bounces up and down in the cage just enough to make the belt move so 10 steps in you have the belt around your ribs. Yes I cinched it as tight as I could and I put it below my love handles to help keep it there, didn't help. It needs to have elastic like material for the belt, like the Nathan belt and then I would rate it perfect. I do love the pockets, they fit a smart phone and I can take the extra pouches off/on and then the bib clips. Like I said I love everything about it except that is rides up! I actually want my money back until they fix this flaw on May 13th 2014

    8. Customer Review

      Ran with this for 12km, The Pro: - New colour is very sharp -The front removable pocket is finally big enough for my 5" smartphone. - Removable gel flask holder is useful for longer run. The Con: - Some bouncing compare with my all time favourite Access Gel - The bottle will slowly popping out when I run if I forgot to secure the bottle with the elastic band, this does not occur when I run with my Access Gel. - Unlike Access Gel, Access 20 plus is not adjustable for 26oz bottles, this limited the use of gel as one will need to take around 10oz water per packet of gel (i.e. half of the included bottle), and not enough water if I run at hot summer time. on Jan 26th 2014