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70 oz Reservoir

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Our reservoir is completely re-designed for this year.  We gave customers the new features they asked for: it won't leak, and it's much easier to fill and clean.

Specs & Details

  • The reservoir can removed and filled while leaving the hose threaded through the pack
  • Reservoir can be turned inside-out for easy cleaning
  • The opening automatically shuts off when the hose is removed
  • Smooth inside, for easier cleaning
  • Slightly smoother outside, to slip in and out of packs
  • BPA Free
  • Top closure is fold-over and slide-closed resulting in never leaking and opens fully for cleaning
  • Utilizes a Hypervalve Hose which incorporates an on/off bitevalve
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      1. 70 OZ RESERVOIR

        Bought this for my marathon vest and it is perfect for my longer runs. I have a waist vest for shorter runs but use the vest for the longer runs and trail runs. I would recommend this reservoir for anyone looking for hydration on longer runs. on May 4th 2016

      2. Super effective

        I really expected this to do one thing... and it did it... It held water while I ran and allowed me to drink water from it, WHILE I RAN!
        The bite valve was not as complicated as the bottles, luckily...
        Putting water in it and cleaning it after runs is a lot better and easier than that other brand we will not mention by name... but it rhymes with shamelcrack....
        At any rate... great product at a great price...
        on Apr 17th 2016

      3. Customer Review

        Easy to turn inside out to clean and hang to dry. No screw in cap to deal with. Tube goes on and off w/o leaking. A good product. on Oct 27th 2015

      4. Customer Review

        Easy to open and close and clean. The spout has no leaking issues and hydration easily flows. Fits perfectly in the AK vest. 70 oz is the perfect size for several hours on the trail. on Oct 18th 2015

      5. Customer Review

        Top of the line Hydration Reservoir. on Oct 1st 2015