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100 oz Reservoir

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Our reservoir is completely re-designed for this year.  We gave customers the new features they asked for: it won't leak, and it's much easier to fill and clean.

Specs & Details

  • The reservoir can removed and filled while leaving the hose threaded through the pack
  • Reservoir can be turned inside-out for easy cleaning
  • The opening automatically shuts off when the hose is removed
  • Smooth inside, for easier cleaning
  • Slightly smoother outside, to slip in and out of packs
  • BPA Free
  • Top closure is fold-over and slide-closed resulting in never leaking and opens fully for cleaning
  • Utilizes a Hypervalve Hose which incorporates an on/off bitevalve
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    1. It's a go!

      This bottle definitely needs a thorough wash prior to your first use. I typically don't like the material used for these bladders b/c first with no wash yields a nasty bitter taste. So wash it!
      The fill and clip end work perfect. Easy to open/close and access the inside to clean. The leash for the clip came off and i think it could do so again. it' a loop that threads through then the bit-o-end grasps a tiny nip on the clip. It could come off again! We will see. I like the detachable hose that allows the bladder to retain water. make for for easy replacement and cleaning. The bite valve works fine. Flow rate is ok. I am accustomed to an angled valve. Angled valves are more ergonomic for me. Less bending of the tube to get the bitevalve to my mouth. I would love some sort of clip and velcro attachment so control the floppy valve end. Finally, I like how the whole bladder slides in/out of my Fastpack 35 easily to refill.
      on Aug 24th 2017

    2. Fabulous Reservoir!

      Love that it holds 3L of water. It's easy to clean which is great. Would recommend! on Feb 17th 2017

    3. Great reservoir

      Love this reservoir. Wish the tubing was the same diameter as other brands so that I can use my inline Sawyer filter with it. on Jan 4th 2017

    4. It is great, but I want change

      This is a wonderful hydration water bladder, the best I found. I ordered a Giegerrig before and returned it. Out of all of the bladders I researched, this was my favorite. Took it on a 10-day hike and it worked great.

      I do have to say, the one thing I do not like is the fact that the clip for the water is at the bottom center of the bladder. Ultimate Direction should really change that and move it to the side, to keep the water from puncturing. I did feel like the bladder was going to puncture because of the placement of the connection tube. It did not puncture, and it seemed to be solid. I can also say, it is extremely easy to clean, the easiest I have found.
      on Jun 2nd 2016

    5. Bag tore and leaked

      I bought this bladder to use on the Mongol Derby, 1000km race on horseback. I loved the bladder for it's filling capacity and also the ease to fill it up. I was pretty nervous taking a bladder on a 1000km race, you can't change gear if something breaks, so I hesitated between bottles and this bladder, but finally took the risk and packed this bladder because of the weight and 3l capacity. Well, WRONG CHOICE! Bag tore on day 6 of 10 days. Luckily a friend helped me repair it with a blister bandaid (comped) otherwise I would have been out of the race! No water, no race. I was very disappointed that the bag tore. It had nothing sharp around it. It was carried in a UD vest that it's designed to be used with. Just the sheer shaking in the bag for 6 days (about 600-700km of use) was enough to pop a tiny hole in the bottom of it.
      I would like to replace it, since I did like the bite valve and the way it's filled up, but I'll never use it for competitions again, too much risk!
      on Feb 2nd 2016

    6. Customer Review

      This was a must have for me when I do unsupported training runs over 30 miles in summer months. Works great, just like the 70 oz. on Oct 13th 2014

    7. Customer Review

      The new reservoir works great! What I like best is how easy it is to clean. And the 100 oz. is all I need for 50Ks. on May 6th 2013