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Body Bottle

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  • #80805414

Product Description

Super comfortable soft flask conforms to your body - reduces sloshing, bouncing, and rubbing!

Fits any Vest (or Vesta)!

Specs & Details


  • Clear - you can see how much fluid is left
  • Collapsible - is only as large as the liquid being carried
  • Pliable - conforms to any shape
  • Cleanable - can be placed in dishwasher
  • Hi-Flow Bite Valve

1.08 oz / 30g

Fluid Capacity:
14.2 oz / 420 mL


Overall Customer Rating:

4.600 Stars

(Based on 15 reviews)

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  • 3 0 1447027200000
    Gina November 9, 2015 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    These do the job but they are WAY better than the bottles that came with my UD vest. Could have a bigger opening to allow for easier access if you are putting in electrolyte powders.

  • 1 1 1430352000000
    jennifer April 30, 2015 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    These are just awful! I don't know why all the 5 stars!! First of all they are impossible to stuff into the vests without working up a sweat prior to your workout! Second, they are still hard to get the water out...not much improvement over the old bottle top design. Not using them for runs anymore....back to old bottles. Saving them for camping trips though....they were too expensive to just throw away!

  • 5 0 1423612800000
    Laura February 11, 2015 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    love, love, love, love, love! So many things: the bite valve is such a little but ingenious device, slosh-free, folds down when done, etc. The only thing I don't like is it doesn't fit as well in my ultimate vesta when completely full, but that is certainly not the bottles fault.

  • 5 2 1416096000000
    John November 16, 2014 Yes No 2 found this review helpful

    No "sloshing", compresses as you drink, soft "feel" against body with no hard edges to dig in to you, and nearly weightless when empty. Used as replacement for bottles that came with my AK vest on a marathon and was very happy with it. I throw them in a small backpack I take when I run trails with my dog so we both have water but they'd be great for any trail run/hike with a pack as they don't take up much space when full and even less space and weight when they're empty obviously. Awesome!

  • 5 3 1414454400000
    Kirsten October 28, 2014 Yes No 3 found this review helpful

    Perfect compliment to the Ultra Vesta. Replaced the standard 10 oz bottles with these, and eliminated the sloshing noise and got extra water capacity at the same time. The way these collapse down as you drink, they keep the suction, which lets me reach down and drink from the bottle while it's still in the holder. Absolutely love these!

  • 5 1 1412640000000
    RUth October 7, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Wow! This is a wonderful product! The ONE thing about handhelds (or otherwise) when running, is that inescapable sloshing noise!! None of that with this Body Bottle. It is easy to fill, easy to hold, and easy to refill! No fiddling about with anything. Also, I LOVE that there is no after taste or any taste at all except water!! I'm about to buy myself another one! So ... go get yourself one too!

  • 5 1 1411689600000
    Thomas September 26, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    I agree with what everyone else has said. Zero slosh, compresses down and leaves room for other things. A little tricky to refill if your breathing hard at an aid station and your hands are shaky. Larger opening for ice would be nice.

  • 5 2 1407715200000
    Nick August 11, 2014 Yes No 2 found this review helpful

    This is an absolutely great product for use with the UD vests. Personally, I find the comfort to be improved when using the body bottles versus regular plastic bottles. An additional advantage is that once empty, they are nearly weightless and do not take up much room. This allows for other things to be placed in the front vest pockets once the water is consumed. The only potential downside is the size of the opening. It is relatively small, and will not fit ice cubes making it not good for running or racing in very hot weather when ice is desired. The size of the opening is not a problem otherwise.

  • 5 1 1405382400000
    rodolfo July 15, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    al igual que otros usuarios decidi reemplazar las botellas originales por estas , lo cual fue un acierto ya que son sumamente cómodas, no hay rebote del contenido y se adaptan perfectamente al chaleco race Ak

  • 5 1 1401667200000
    Steve June 2, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Used these to replace the hard bottles in my AK race vest which were hurting my ribs. Wore them during the Thunder Rock 100 and they worked perfectly. Easy to use and barely knew they were there. I wish they were slightly larger and could hold more liquid but this was a great investment. Highly recommend.

  • 5 2 1401580800000
    Ben June 1, 2014 Yes No 2 found this review helpful

    Love the bottles. Bought them to replace the ones with the SJ 2.0 vest. They are way better than the standard bottles. Minimal to almost no sloshing in the front pockets. Compress down to nothing. Love them. I would like to see them a little bigger.

  • 5 1 1400803200000
    Steve May 23, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Fits great in the original AK vest. Much more comfortable than the hard bottles and they scrunch up to next to nothing when empty. Great, new product!

  • 5 0 1398902400000
    Zach May 1, 2014 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    Easy to drink from, no leaking, effortless storage when empty.

  • 5 0 1398297600000
    Thomas April 24, 2014 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    I love the new Body Bottle, just like Richard said, they fit great in the pockets and no more hurt ribs from the hard plastic bottles. Also the bite valve works great. I would love to see that bite valve on regular bottles for Handhelds. Great new addition to the product line.

  • 5 3 1394668800000
    richard March 13, 2014 Yes No 3 found this review helpful

    YES! I bought this to replace the hard plastic bottles for my AK vest. I personally think the hydration vest should come stock with these. They fit snuggly in the pockets no bouncing, sloshing or discomfort in the ribs. I also enjoy the HI-flow bite valve works great for my needs.