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Fastdraw 20

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Includes 20 oz Bottle with Kicker Valve

Product Description

20 oz Bottle with Kicker Valve included

Specs & Details

The most popular handheld in history.

  • Medium volume pocket fits most smart phones
  • Cool Wick Air Mesh strap is soft to the touch, breathable and wicks moisture
  • Soft and thin chafe-free edge binding
  • Key fob and interior security divider
  • Adjustable hand tension strap


  • Weight: 4 oz. / 113g
  • Capacity: 17 in3 / 0.28 L
  • Fluid: 20 oz. / 0.6 L


  • Cool Wick Air Mesh: Wicking mesh is lightweight and breathable for optimal ventilation and moisture management
  • 150D Irregular Rip Stop: Lightweight fabric provides durability and protection
  • Power Stretch Mesh: Provides versatility with a supportive stretch material that expands for variable capacity

Overall Customer Rating:

2.400 Stars

(Based on 5 reviews)

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  • 4 0 1415232000000
    Anthony November 6, 2014 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    Here is a brief review of the fast pass 20 hand held by UD hydrates I use this on almost every run and even when I don't I leave it in the car for some post run hydration and nutrition. The storage on the fast pass 20 is great it can fit iPhone and nutrition which is what I take. My only problem is the handle could use some improvement like maybe a thumb hole and snap but it looks great I Love the style. I'd prefer a vest myself but I do Love this product as I would recommend it. For a full review on this product as well as the access 20 and many others visit my blog where I rate with beers and beards instead of stars and follow me on my social media accounts to keep up with my running adventures here are my links, thank you and to you all Pray the prayer Conquer the race Taste the beer Feel the beard #prayrunbeerbeard SPORTS! Sent from my iPhone Reply, Reply All or Forward | More Click to reply all Send

  • 2 1 1405036800000
    victoria July 11, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    First let me start by saying my previous Ultimate Direction handhelds have been great. The only thing I really ever would have changed was for the unit to have a large pocket. I was very excited to order the newly designed model with large pocket. When the bottle finally arrived, I placed it on my hand. Immediately I realized the strap would not hold. Very disappointing as I did not even have water in the bottle! I got online and quickly realized this seems to be a problem with this design. I wrote to Ultimate Direction and a prompt email reply was issued stating that this was a problem with these bottles. They refunded my money immediately. While I am grateful for the refund and customer service, the bottle should be pulled until this flaw is fixed! Why sell something that doesn't work! I hope in the near future they will re-introduce this product with a working strap/buckle.

  • 3 1 1403568000000
    Cheryl June 24, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    I give it 3 stars because my primary need was a bottle that doesn't leak, and this, so far, has not leaked on me. In fact, it's so good about staying sealed that pressure sometimes builds up from hydration tablets + water. I like the size of the side pocket (enough for keys + a couple energy bars or gels) & the key snap/ID pocket. On the down side: the strap on the hand harness is pretty awful. It comes loose constantly. If you have the bottle already, twisting the cord then tightening it helps it to stick a bit, but even that comes loose fairly quick. It's a huge annoyance. Others are saying that past versions do not have this problem. I can also relate to other reviewer's frustration with the pouch zipper - it's often a two handed operation to get it open (or hand + teeth). Areas I'm ambiguous about: The kicker valve on the bottle took some getting used to - you have to tug hard to pull it out and then it will work fine. It's a good design, if a touch awkward getting used to. But, it doesn't leak...and not losing the liquid I took the time to bring along so I won't flop over on the ground somewhere trumps "awkward" any day. Overall I like it, but knowing what I know now, I'd have gone with the earlier version of this.

  • 2 2 1403049600000
    Brian June 18, 2014 Yes No 2 found this review helpful

    I agree with the other comment on this product. The tiny buckle does not stay tight for more than a few steps. When you are carrying a bottle in each hand, it is a pain to have to constantly try to tighten the straps. I've given up on them - I'm using my Ultimate Direction 20oz bottles in Nathan handheld carriers. I love Ultimate Direction and you make the best bottles on the market (I would have given 1-star rating if not for the quality of the bottles), but my opinion is that you missed the boat on this one. I hope the issue is corrected soon. Thank you.

  • 1 2 1400630400000
    John May 21, 2014 Yes No 2 found this review helpful

    Just bought the Fastdraw 20 while I was out of town for the Thunder Rock 100 this past weekend. Used it for the first time today and I'm very disappointed. The tiny fastex buckle will not stay tight more than a few steps and the zipper pocket can't be opened with one hand because it collapses when you pull it. First UD product that has ever let me down. I've got the old version and it's great. The "improvements" on this version are a disaster. I would have returned it today but I'm six hours away. I would give it zero stars if that was an option.