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Fastdraw Plus

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Includes 20 oz Bottle with Kicker Valve

Product Description

20 oz Bottle with Kicker Valve included

A must have for the serious runner and fitness enthusiast, the FastDraw Plus will continue to be your staple running piece, with a ID/key pocket and a variety of colors. Staying hydrated while running is easier than ever!

Specs & Details


  • 20 oz /.6L Bottle Included
  • Small zippered I.D/Key Pocket
  • All Ultimate Direction products are 100% BPA-Free

Comfort: Tension-lock hand strap with reflective stripe


  • Weight: 4.0 oz / 113g
  • Height: 5 in / 12.7 cm
  • Length: 8 in / 20.3 cm
  • Depth: 3.5 in / 8.9 cm
*Based on a horizontal orientation*

3D AirMesh, 210D Nylon Dobby, Nylon Mesh

Overall Customer Rating:

4.154 Stars

(Based on 13 reviews)

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  • 1 0 1425859200000
    Kunal March 9, 2015 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    Well, I used to run with a small plastic water bottle and then I came across this Fastdraw Plus bottle. I liked the functionality and ordered it. I was very excited when I received this product and went out for a run. The handheld sleeve is good but I didn't like it. My hands sweat a lot, which I never realized until now. Earlier I used to keep toggling the water bottle between my two hands, but now since the bottle is properly snugged in the hand held handle it is difficult to take it out from one hand and put back on the other while running. I cannot hold the Fastdraw Plus bottle for long in one hand as I sweat a lot and it gets uncomfortable. I don't know what to do.

  • 5 0 1420502400000
    Jaan January 6, 2015 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    Great price when I got it on sale. It's easy to drink from, easy to carry when strapped to your hand, and the pocket has enough storage for phone credit card, cash receipts, etc. No complaints. It's a great, more minimal companion to the Jurek Ultra Vest 2.0, and I use both with great results so far.

  • 5 0 1411516800000
    Tyson September 24, 2014 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    I second all the positive comments on this bottle. I've been running with the fast draw plus for a couple of years. I picked up a few extra with this sale price. I use the pocket to hold my GU packs during long runs. This may be from heavy use/stretching of the material, but I'm able to fit four GU packs in the pocket.

  • 5 0 1411084800000
    Timothy September 19, 2014 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    High quality, bought on sale for like $12 bucks, free shipping. Absolute no brainer at that price - great for travel, roomy pocket without being bulky. I'm a big fan of the kicker valve, so no problems there. Definitely recommend.

  • 2 0 1406505600000
    michelle July 28, 2014 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    One of my running friends LOVES this bottle. While it fits well in my hand, I struggle pulling the water out of it. I have used it twice and figure I will need to sit down and just test it when not a run, but this is the first hydration product that wasn't readily self evident. I do pull and squeeze but it still doesn't seem to flow well for me.

  • 5 1 1404604800000
    Brett July 6, 2014 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Great price for a great product. This is the ideal water bottle for those medium-length runs where you just need to carry water and your keys. It is lighter than seems possible, easy to drink from and impossible to spill. Once you use the UD water bottles, you won't go back to any others.

  • 5 1 1357171200000
    Joy January 3, 2013 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Great holder! Perfect for running 6-8 miles.

  • 4 0 1343779200000
    Nelson August 1, 2012 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    I liked everything about it, except for the baby bottle topper. Made me a little uncomfortable. I've gone back to my Nathan.

  • 3 0 1336694400000
    Charlotte May 11, 2012 Yes No 0 found this review helpful

    The Fastdraw is great--I'm talking about the holder itself and the bottle. But I really, really dislike the kicker valve. In fact, I'm ordering two bottles with the the old Classic tops.

  • 5 1 1335744000000
    Brenden April 30, 2012 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    The Kicker Valve is the best valve I've used in a handheld. It's comfortable, hasn't had any leaking issues over the past year, and eliminates the hassle entailed with traditional valves of pulling the valve open with my teeth and pounding it shut on my hip/hand/other bottle. I have also appreciated the cinch strap more than other handhelds as it extends the length of the bottle (compared to just a small section) and feels more secure as the elastic fabric stretches or gets wet. HEADS UP ON THE COLOR: Baja Blue is, in my opinion, more of a pastel purple in real life. I doesn't look as blue as on the website. But, huge props to UD customer service for easily getting me a new one. They have been extremely kind and generous on two occasions.

  • 4 1 1331769600000
    TaMara March 15, 2012 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    I love the fastdraw plus. It keeps my water cooler than I expected which is a great surprise. It's not heavy the way you think it would be, but it is a little awkward to carry/hold, but not overwhelmingly so. You just have to find that right spot for your hand that works for you. The pocket holds keys, cash. id and cards perfectly. I can even slip in chappy which is a must on a windy or hot day. Took me a little bit to get used to the nozzle as I've never used anything like that before. All in all I would recommend this bottle and it would still be my first choice! You can't beat the quality and price!

  • 5 1 1328227200000
    Kyle February 3, 2012 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    The FastDraw Plus has been my go to bottle for any run. I love the ease of access. The storage space is in perfect balance for its size. The UD kicker cap has easily become my favorite bottle top. Whether your doing short runs or long, road or trail this trusty set up will keep your thrist at bay while delivering amazing comfort.

  • 5 1 1324339200000
    Reese December 20, 2011 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Absolutely love the Fastdraw Plus. A must have for any runner. I was worried I wouldn't enjoy a hand held, but it didn't impede my running or weigh my arm down. The pocket is perfect for food/car key storage. The unique cap ensures that your beverage won't spill out during your run.